Agenda on check !

December 18th 2014,

Agenda Review:

Gas prices down in years, Check !
Unemployment rate down, Check !
Unexpected job creation growth, Check !
Wall Street/Stock Market surge/strong, Check !
Environmental protection laws passed, Check !
Russian in trouble, Check !
More restrictions against Russia, Check !
Ended two wars, Check !
Ended a third war as a freebee (Cuba) Check !
Obama care to those in need, Check !

Worst President ever huh? I DON’T THINK SO 🙂

Diciembre 18, 2014.


Pricios bajos de gasolina en anos, Check !
Porciento del Desempleo bajo, Check !
Crecimiento de trabajo inesperado, Check !
Bolsa de Valores en positivo, Check !
Leyes de proteccion ambiental aprovadas, Check !
Rusia en problemas economicos, Check !
Mas restriciones contra Rusia, Check !
Finalizar dos guerras, Check !
Terminar otra tercera guerra inesperada (Cuba), Check !
Obama Care ley en el pais, Check !

Peor Presidente de la historia de este pais no? jaja No creo !


16 days for nothing, Obama wins again

Was it worth it?
Republicans, look at you !!! you really thought that holding the country hostage you were gong to control Obama, his party and revert a passed law on Obama care?
Republicans, you look wost now than before you follow through with this foolish move.
Immature, irresponsible, time consuming, kids game, dumb, ridiculous political foetus. That is what you are !!!
Who in the hell is advising this party to commit stupidity after stupidity. Hilary is going to wipe her butt with you all….
Democrats= 933
Republicans= 0

Come on Obama, let them win one, just one brother !!!!!!! LOL

Thanks God it all over (kinda)
To be continue…….