KKK does NOT = America !!!

Hamas is NOT a race or an ethnicity ! It is a organization or Group !!!!
Hamas does NOT = Palestine and Palestine does NOT = Hamas

It is like saying that the KKK = America or that America = KKK

ridiculous !!!!

Please don’t be so naive in listening on media channels like FOX (republican views ONLY) or videos on line or in FB about this conflict. Please understand the definitions and histories of each, don’t let a freaking “video” tell you one side of the story, you should know better. There are 3 sides of any story their side, your side and the truth.

If you must remember (or if you are in the TV/Radio realm) you know how easy is to manipulate masses with our journalism.

Please remember that our beautiful country does NOT have the best record in telling us the truth about things like:

Women in the work force in the 50’s and 60’s
Vietnam war
Golf war
Iraq and its weapons of mass destruction

And many many many more….

Lets NOT condemn an entire country for a few bad apples, and please do not add more hate to the fire, it doe NOT solve anything. Hate brings more hate, while Love and forgiveness and understanding attacks the same.

Keep the faith, keep praying, keep the optimism !!!


No peace in the middle east!

NO Peace in the middle -east !!! that’s for sure !!!
I am pro peace and pro liberty and freedom of everything !! period !!!
Please do not misunderstand my stands and political views, but there are many things very wrong about this other drama across the Atlantic.
I get that there are differences between the both parties politically, geographically and religiously, but come on !!!
The Palestine officials with their bull shit egos and “believes” sacrifices its people, innocent people, to make the world seem that they are the little victims from the horrific Israelite. They are telling its citizens NOT to abandon their homes and take a bullet, or in this case a missile, for the cost or movement.
Meanwhile, Israelis are telling their citizens to take cover via text when a bombing is coming to the city, however the Israelis tell the Palestine when they are to be bombarded with a small bomb giving the soon to be kill a time frame of 3 minutes to get out !!! LOL
Get out where in 3 minutes? and lets say that by miracle the Palestine become mutants and they run faster than a cheetah, where are they gonna go? have you seen the map of Gaza? there are only three ways out:

1) Israel (please)
2) Egypt (no way)
3) and the fucking ocean !!!

How sad to see that our wars and destruction does not come from an alien force from a far away universe entity, instead, comes within us, from us, to us.
Is this what religion teaches? NO !
Is this what Mohammed, Moses and Jesus though us? NO !!
So WTF ?????
I understand that the Jews has gone through an imaginable torched throughout thousands of years, but instead of promoting peace for their suffering, it seems that attacking is now their best defense, so it becomes and circle that never ends! I live in a Jewish community and even my neighbors are horrified by Israel actions !!!
Can we just stop our penis envy and this pissing contest and live in peace for once? Can we, for once, stop using great names of history, revolutionary men who did great things for the world, as an excuse for religious power, financial growth, and conquering feelings that just lead us to more destruction and more death !!!
Please pray with me for the end of this elusiveness and lets cry for a better world, the only one with have !