Buffoon or genius ?
Scandalous! really? you really think that his achievements are unfair or lucky?
Trump won because we are him. Joseph de Maistre once said that “Every nation gets the government it deserves” and I say that every society has a government they deserved. Brittan went trough it just a few months ago and now we are doing the same.
Trump ran an extraordinary campaign, distracting everyone with his opened craziness and blondness that were the force behind a great political machine that took everyone by surprise, just as planned, and just like Obama and Clinton thought as well.
Why do you think that the Obamas were so desperately helping Clinton. If it was just an easy win, why Clinton worked sooooo hard to diminished him and convinced the Americans that she was the “right choice”? Think about it.
We as society are changing and very rapidly, our views and dreams of a better America are different than just a generation ago. Look, even though Clinton won the three debates, the overall media, the hearts of many minorities and women, The international comfort, Hollywood press, and popular votes, she still lost and Trump triumph.
Trump’s campaign was flawless and well executed, and now that he has won, he can retrieved all his crazy remarks and act as a president should. A great example is that after he threaten to incarcerate the thief and liar of Clinton, once he was elected, by creating a committee to investigate Clinton and the FBI, yesterday he, Mr. Trump said, that he wont pursue the investigation because the Clintons “are good people” Are you FUCKING kidding me? good people? the Clitons are the goody goodies now? Two weeks ago those words would have never come out of his mouth. But there you have it folks, you got tricked in thinking that Trump was separated from the pack and that his crazy blondness was different than the rest. YOU GOT PUNKED !!!!!
Politics are always going to be politics, and there is a big difference of being a candidate and being elected. So all the promises that he made and remarks that he spoke about will soon become memories of your past and you will see the real and soon President Trump come out of the closet.
I hope that you realize that he has not been in office yet and he is already changing his tone, words, topics, and promises. Welcome to reality illusive ones. Welcome to Trumps America. But i still love you 🙂

Low moral and childish games called POLITICIANS

These are the moments where I get embarrassed by my political party. I have not give my opinion on this issue but I’m sick of it.

Democrats are now using the same lame tactics that the Republicans used when they were loosing in the 2008 and 2012 elections. Crying does not get the job done.

Yes, Democrats lost the House and don’t have the Senate, so big freaking deal. If after all the screw ups that the Republicans did the past four years did not prevent them to win these elections, then it is obvious that Democrats are doing something wrong. Don blame our President low approval numbers, blame yourselves with your lack of touch and caring of your constituents.

Now you want to revive Iraq ? really? and want to punish those whom committed a crime? WHAT CRIME? you are committing the crime by waiting 13 years to bring this up now !!! Why? because you are upset that you have no control anymore? so now you care? now you want to implement rules and regulations?

Democrats, please, do you really think that these childish games makes you stronger as a political party, or better than the Republicans? NOT IN MY EYES you don’t.

I have very personal specific reasons of why I am a Democrat, but being represented by snakes like you, makes me sick.

Please remember that two wrongs DO NOT make one right. so group up, tough it out and take your lost and move on and start focusing on the people and their needs (WHICH IS YOUR JOB) and perhaps then, and only then, you can see some real fruits of your work. But if you continue to lower yourselves to the Republicans level, we as a party will never merge our of this mood and we will always be pings and NOT elephants or donkeys !!! SMH !!!!

16 days for nothing, Obama wins again

Was it worth it?
Republicans, look at you !!! you really thought that holding the country hostage you were gong to control Obama, his party and revert a passed law on Obama care?
Republicans, you look wost now than before you follow through with this foolish move.
Immature, irresponsible, time consuming, kids game, dumb, ridiculous political foetus. That is what you are !!!
Who in the hell is advising this party to commit stupidity after stupidity. Hilary is going to wipe her butt with you all….
Democrats= 933
Republicans= 0

Come on Obama, let them win one, just one brother !!!!!!! LOL

Thanks God it all over (kinda)
To be continue…….