About rndo2

GENERAL MANAGEMENT Results driven General Manager offering over 10 years on operations management and more than 4 years of property management experience. Track record of successfully communicating with a multi-cultural team and bringing forward a positive attitude not only to co-workers but all guest and tenants. History of working very well under pressure while maintaining and conducting a professional and positive atmosphere. Very detailed oriented in order to guarantee a time efficient and organize work environment. History of evaluating departments, expenses and budgets in order to improve and maintain the highest level of efficiency, therefore exceeding departmental goals and budget expectations. Specific Areas of Expertise: Property Management Vendor Negotiations Public Relations Policy and procedure guidelines Guest Services Staff Development Business Planning Business Management Recruitment Event Planning Events Coordination Public Relations Marketing Select Career Achievements: • Cut budget in half from 1.2m to 635k. • Created events, restaurants, gym and improved security, rules, regulations city, county and state. • Created a handicap system lacking on the property. • Organized and renovated new Gym/Spa facility. • As a manager I increase the flow of applicants by 62% region wide. • Improved the quality of applicants on site and offices. • Opened several security offices within the U.S. (Start-ups) • Won customer service awards for three consecutive years. • Was awarded employee of the month on several occasions. MANAGEMENT EXPERIENCE Property Management (2007 – 2010) As a property manager renovated and designed a new gym facility. Purchased new equipment and positioned equipment to create proper fluidity. Hired certified and licensed trainers, dancers and therapists to decrease liability. Gayge tenant satisfaction and created surveys to ensure classes and or trainers are a proper match. I am responsible for board meeting schedules, daily, weekly, monthly and annual reports, meeting minutes, billing and coding a/r, a/p tenant protection, security. I was also fully responsible for the selection and organization of bids, invoices, payroll and vendor and employee supervision. • Coordinate all board meetings in a timely fashion. • Maintain and review all contracts to ensure policies and proper association, city and county codes are being followed. • Run day-to-day operations of restaurant, gym, spa and common areas. • Supervise employees, contractors and vendors. • Trained staff in trade and industry general knowledge and practices, increasing their ability to do their jobs effectively. • Guarantee that condo association Gym and Spa rules and regulations are being followed as per Condo Docs. • Guided vendor relations approach to aid in budget bottom line. • Review and maintain all files up to code as required by city, county and state laws. • Create and maintain good relations with all tenants. • Establishes compensation plans for personnel. • Maintain a high level of knowledge of board member concerns as well as all legal changes. Events Management/Operations 2005 - 2007 Was hired to manage and serve as the consultant for a well-known artist in Hong Kong. Managed and coordinated all public appearance. Negotiated with local channels and event organizers throughout Hong Kong. Oversaw all aspects of the artists schedule as well as assist in the production of several exercise videos and on stage events. Redesigned a dance studio named the Conga Room to include not only dance classes but fitness classes all geared with a different look and feel. Conga Room now has the possibility of becoming a franchise. Personally managed all Public Relations as well as Marketing efforts in order to guarantee profitability and the success that the Conga Room now reaps. • Acquired and confirm all interviews as well as personal appearances. • Created and directed several exercise videos • Directed personnel • Managed and supervised client list • Set in a place a new market strategy that assisted the artist in surpassing previous revenue. • Worked side by side with Waterfalls Gym which hired my client as their spokes person. • Directed and supervised multiple photos shoots for my client as well as other high profile customers. • Managed payroll and finances for my client and the Conga Room. • A/R ,A/P and collections. • Created, revised and approved contracts . Event Operations Supervisors 1998 – 2007 Oversee over 50 employees as well as countless vendors. Responsible for scheduling daily and weekly meetings. Coordinate with employees and management all up coming events. Maintain accurate plans and organization of large events. Maintain proper organization of vendors in order to ensure that all required services and products where received and picked up in a timely manner in several locations at once. • Solely responsible for the coordination of events of groups of 600 or more. • Surpassed target revenue growth. • Negotiated with vendors to maintain required budget goals. • Recruited, hired and developed employees to form a strong team. • Created an equal and fair distribution system for vendors as per job requirements. • Responsible for consumer services and the satisfaction of our clients • Supervised all quality control aspects of the events. EDUCATION CITY COLLEGE – FT. LAUDERDALE, FL Major: Business Management (concentration in psychology, sociology, culture studies, international business) Minor: Business administration (operations, project management) RETS INSTITUTE – NUTLEY, NJ Certification: Computer Electronic Technician INTERPERSONAL SKILLS Fluent in English, Spanish, written/oral; Speak Italian, Portuguese; Also practiced and studied Russian and Cantonese. Superior interfacing with the public, absorb new ideas/learn new techniques quickly; display skill/effectiveness in achieving results. Excellent customer service/communication/sales abilities; people oriented; effective team player Successfully communicate with multi-cultural teams; work well with all types of personalities, Accomplish goals; work well under pressure; positive attitude; utilize professional standards, highly motivated, reliable, trustworthy, organized, detail/multi-tasked, an accurate fast paced worker ARM FORCES USA Army – Ft Leonard wood MO 12-B, E-1.


Buffoon or genius ?
Scandalous! really? you really think that his achievements are unfair or lucky?
Trump won because we are him. Joseph de Maistre once said that “Every nation gets the government it deserves” and I say that every society has a government they deserved. Brittan went trough it just a few months ago and now we are doing the same.
Trump ran an extraordinary campaign, distracting everyone with his opened craziness and blondness that were the force behind a great political machine that took everyone by surprise, just as planned, and just like Obama and Clinton thought as well.
Why do you think that the Obamas were so desperately helping Clinton. If it was just an easy win, why Clinton worked sooooo hard to diminished him and convinced the Americans that she was the “right choice”? Think about it.
We as society are changing and very rapidly, our views and dreams of a better America are different than just a generation ago. Look, even though Clinton won the three debates, the overall media, the hearts of many minorities and women, The international comfort, Hollywood press, and popular votes, she still lost and Trump triumph.
Trump’s campaign was flawless and well executed, and now that he has won, he can retrieved all his crazy remarks and act as a president should. A great example is that after he threaten to incarcerate the thief and liar of Clinton, once he was elected, by creating a committee to investigate Clinton and the FBI, yesterday he, Mr. Trump said, that he wont pursue the investigation because the Clintons “are good people” Are you FUCKING kidding me? good people? the Clitons are the goody goodies now? Two weeks ago those words would have never come out of his mouth. But there you have it folks, you got tricked in thinking that Trump was separated from the pack and that his crazy blondness was different than the rest. YOU GOT PUNKED !!!!!
Politics are always going to be politics, and there is a big difference of being a candidate and being elected. So all the promises that he made and remarks that he spoke about will soon become memories of your past and you will see the real and soon President Trump come out of the closet.
I hope that you realize that he has not been in office yet and he is already changing his tone, words, topics, and promises. Welcome to reality illusive ones. Welcome to Trumps America. But i still love you 🙂


Yes America, you got it. Showing your emotions and voice to screw up your politicians by NOT voting what it’s right or good will come back to bite you in the ass. Don’t believe me? check out Britain !!!
I am not happy to see what that great country is going and will go through in the next two to three years, But I’m glad that it happen right before our American election. Because if any dumb ass out there is thinking of voting for another dumb ass, i think the time has come to check out what it would happen to us if he/she does.
America is not near of GDP or population or culturally of what Britain is, but it sure shows us a guide line of what ignorance represents, its consequences and what can occur if applied in real time into a voting system.
Americans has to take very seriously the situation in Europe and be responsible enough for the next voting opportunity as a whole.
I do not want my children to suffer the consequences that few silly empty-headed people could cost by just voting to make a statement or just a plane simple rebel act. I pray for those brothers and sisters of that far away nation, but more for those who has still a chance and power to make a real difference and a real good deed in the world, Americans.
I will never lose hope on my nation and its people. We are and will be united under God forever. I am forever an optimist and hopeful of the American People, and i know that they will do the right thing at the end, as usual. God Bless.

Agenda on check !

December 18th 2014,

Agenda Review:

Gas prices down in years, Check !
Unemployment rate down, Check !
Unexpected job creation growth, Check !
Wall Street/Stock Market surge/strong, Check !
Environmental protection laws passed, Check !
Russian in trouble, Check !
More restrictions against Russia, Check !
Ended two wars, Check !
Ended a third war as a freebee (Cuba) Check !
Obama care to those in need, Check !

Worst President ever huh? I DON’T THINK SO 🙂

Diciembre 18, 2014.


Pricios bajos de gasolina en anos, Check !
Porciento del Desempleo bajo, Check !
Crecimiento de trabajo inesperado, Check !
Bolsa de Valores en positivo, Check !
Leyes de proteccion ambiental aprovadas, Check !
Rusia en problemas economicos, Check !
Mas restriciones contra Rusia, Check !
Finalizar dos guerras, Check !
Terminar otra tercera guerra inesperada (Cuba), Check !
Obama Care ley en el pais, Check !

Peor Presidente de la historia de este pais no? jaja No creo !

A fresh start !!!

My dear Cuban American friends, I agree with many of your valid points, but why are you so upset with the only country that has had help your fight for so many years and support you with actions like the embargo?

Who else has come to the rescue? who else has done anything to stop the Cuban government? Spain? Brazil? Britain? Why aren’t you angry at any of those countries?

USA helped to support the freedom fight for over 50 years with no positive results. NOTHING changed. Why are you going to accuse Obama and it’s government for ending this never ending political theater? Criticizing him by calling him the worst? If that’s the case, then it’s only fair to call every other president of every other free powerful country of the past 50 years the same (worst).

Listen, I know your heart is harden by anger and hate towards a well deserved hated regime. But what else can USA keep doing for the next 50 years or so? You only see this as a “very bad move” because it’s resent and it’s your country.

But do you realize that you support communist countries all the time like China? Yes, when you buy any of their products like cell phones, toys, tools etc etc, you are supporting a communist regime, but because it is NOT Cuba then it is OK?. It’s all perception.

Again, I strongly dislike the regimen of those low lifes brothers, but how many more souls and generations are you willing to keep submerged from the light (Cuban citizens) because of a grudge.

Two wrongs don’t make one right. Yes it’s unfortunate that those bastardos got away with murder, but I rather let that thought go for the benefit of the new generation of Cubans that deserve a different life.

I speak from the heart in the name of humanity moving forward. Love and peace is always a better choice and path than war and hate. Many have been icons on this thought or idea like MLk, Mandela, John Paul 2, Gandhi, Mother Theresa, Pope Francis, etc.

We need to see life through those set of eyes and we will endure. Fighting evil with evil will just promote more evil. My humble opinion.

Low moral and childish games called POLITICIANS

These are the moments where I get embarrassed by my political party. I have not give my opinion on this issue but I’m sick of it.

Democrats are now using the same lame tactics that the Republicans used when they were loosing in the 2008 and 2012 elections. Crying does not get the job done.

Yes, Democrats lost the House and don’t have the Senate, so big freaking deal. If after all the screw ups that the Republicans did the past four years did not prevent them to win these elections, then it is obvious that Democrats are doing something wrong. Don blame our President low approval numbers, blame yourselves with your lack of touch and caring of your constituents.

Now you want to revive Iraq ? really? and want to punish those whom committed a crime? WHAT CRIME? you are committing the crime by waiting 13 years to bring this up now !!! Why? because you are upset that you have no control anymore? so now you care? now you want to implement rules and regulations?

Democrats, please, do you really think that these childish games makes you stronger as a political party, or better than the Republicans? NOT IN MY EYES you don’t.

I have very personal specific reasons of why I am a Democrat, but being represented by snakes like you, makes me sick.

Please remember that two wrongs DO NOT make one right. so group up, tough it out and take your lost and move on and start focusing on the people and their needs (WHICH IS YOUR JOB) and perhaps then, and only then, you can see some real fruits of your work. But if you continue to lower yourselves to the Republicans level, we as a party will never merge our of this mood and we will always be pings and NOT elephants or donkeys !!! SMH !!!!


Guao !! Si algo e aprendido en esta corta vida es que hay momentos en que uno tiene que pisar freno y refleccionar un poco. Recopilar todos tus deseos, sentimiento, pensamientos, metas y demas para poder llegar a un entendimiento con tu vida.

Como un momento en levantar la mirada y recordar o verificar a donde vas como persona y dirijir correctamente tu destino.

Hay momentos en la vida que uno se distrae mucho, por que es normal, por que es necesario y como Ser Humano lo necesitamos, en un derecho que la vida nos ofrece. Pero el sabio, sabe que llega un momento en esa vida donde eso tiene que parar para poder enfocarce y dar paso a su destino o su deber como projimo.

No es que me sienta viejo, por que no lo soy, al contrario, me siento mas joven que nunca, pero si me doy cuenta como nuestra raza, valores, logros, luchas, y demas aveces se nos van de las manos por esos momentos de distraccion.

El valor de nuestros logros como sociedad nunca deberia de morir, sino festejarlo a diario, a todo dar, para que aprendamos de ellos. Las revoluciones e independencias de cada uno de nuestros paises no deberian de ser solo leidos en libros de “Historia” sino, llevarlos a la viva real. Llenarnos de orgullo de donde somos, y todo lo que ofrecemos comos creacion de UN SOLO DIOS.

Nuestras guerras civiles ( que nunca tienen nada de civil) Nuestros logros con la lucha a los derechos humanos. Nuestras invenciones manuales y tecnologicas. Nuestros triunfos ante el caudillo, la descriminacion, el racismo, y la injusticia. Pero mas que todo, siempre tener en cuenta nuestra eternamente rica cultura.
Habes Pienso que hablo demas cuando digo que especimes como YO quedamos pocos. Pero cada dia que pasa me doy cuenta que no estoy equivocado.

No lo tomen a mal, me refiero aquel romantico, poeta, que soy. Todavia soy de los que creo que las palabras son poderosas y la palabra de alguien vele mucho para mi, especialmente la de un hombre. Todavia un buen estrechon de manos tienen mas poder que cualquier papel firmado en mis ojos. Que ninguna dama debe montarce en mi coche sin que yo le abra la puerta, o cualquier otra puerta. O que todos como Serer Humanos estamos unidos debajo de un mismo y unico DIOS. Llamenlo como lo quieran llamar. Si Yo hablara Arabe no dijera Dios, ni God, lo mas probable es que lo llamace ALLAH, quien sabe, en realidad nunca lo sabre, pero lo que si estoy seguro es que lo amaria como lo amo hoy.

Tambien, la nostalgia me abraza, cuando veo a muchos de los que admiro y admire irse de este planeta y tantos de nosotros no serguir sus ejemplos o ensenanzas. No es un secreto de que nunca tube un padre ejemplar, al contrario, se muy poco de El, pero si hay algo que SI puedo decir es que todo el mundo lo queria y respetaba, pero no por si carisma (porque no tenia) ni su posicion profecional ni politica, ni tampoco por nada especial, El sencillamente tenia lo basico (que hoy casi poco queda) Tenia palabra y era humilde. (Si El viejo de mierda era Humilde) porque yo fui testigo como dejabe de ser jefe y se convertia en un lider de sus ayudantes, y nunca los denegraba y les daba su puesto y los respetaba. Son las unicas dos cosas que admire de El y que aprendi tambien

Reflecionando, me pongo a pensar en tantas cosas que sirven como ejemplo de mi punto de vista, como: sabian ustedes que la Salsa no es de Cuba? que el nombre SALSA nace en NEW YORK ? y que es una meszcla de ritmos africanos, cubanos, y americanos como el JAZZ, ustedes sabian eso?

Te haz puesto a pensar de todos los logros de nuetra raza?

Otro gran ejemplo, viendo la nueva pelicula de Cantinflas, recorde o mejor dicho despues de mas de 30 anos me di cuenta de Cantinflas fue el mejor comediante del mundo en los anos 50, 60, y quizas hasta los 70s? Si !!! Un Mejicano (como se escribia en esos tiempos) y no solo lo digo yo hoy, pero sabias que Charlie Chaplin lo dijo tambien? Sabias tambien que Mario Moreno Cantinflas con la pelicula de 80 dias alrededor del mundo gano un golden glove? ganandole a Marlon Brandon? Yo tampoco lo sabia, pero asi paso. Sabias que Cantinflas fue padrino de la boda de Elizabeth Taylor? y que despues de tanta fama y poder, Cantiflas regreso y escojio a su pueblo MEXICO y no a Hollywood? cuantos harian eso hoy? cuantos se quedarian siendo pueblo? del pueblo? para el pueblo?

Eso no es solamente Poder verdadero, eso es ser humilde con palabra, algo que esta juventud de hoy no entiende y ni lo entendera, porque nosotros estamos siempre ocupados para servirles como ejemplo y pequenos detalles se nos escapan de las manos pensando de que los que nos siguen (la juventud) tendran la misma “logica” que la de nosotros. Que error el nuestro. Que ingenuos que somos al pensar tan erronio.

Mi deber como Ser Humano, hermano, hijo, y mas importante aun, como padre, sera el recordatorio a todos aquellos que yo entre en contacto (especialmenet mis hijos) de lo orgulloso que debieran de estar por quienes son, y de donde vienen, porque es lo mas valioso que tenemos y lo deberiamos de llevar siempre bien en alto. No narsocismo, ni competencia, secillamente y humildemente estrar 100% orgullosos de nuetras raices y el valor de nuetra palabra, cultura, folklor, patria y demas.

Unidos como deberiamos de estarlos.

Buenas noches pueblo.

KKK does NOT = America !!!

Hamas is NOT a race or an ethnicity ! It is a organization or Group !!!!
Hamas does NOT = Palestine and Palestine does NOT = Hamas

It is like saying that the KKK = America or that America = KKK

ridiculous !!!!

Please don’t be so naive in listening on media channels like FOX (republican views ONLY) or videos on line or in FB about this conflict. Please understand the definitions and histories of each, don’t let a freaking “video” tell you one side of the story, you should know better. There are 3 sides of any story their side, your side and the truth.

If you must remember (or if you are in the TV/Radio realm) you know how easy is to manipulate masses with our journalism.

Please remember that our beautiful country does NOT have the best record in telling us the truth about things like:

Women in the work force in the 50’s and 60’s
Vietnam war
Golf war
Iraq and its weapons of mass destruction

And many many many more….

Lets NOT condemn an entire country for a few bad apples, and please do not add more hate to the fire, it doe NOT solve anything. Hate brings more hate, while Love and forgiveness and understanding attacks the same.

Keep the faith, keep praying, keep the optimism !!!