Yes America, you got it. Showing your emotions and voice to screw up your politicians by NOT voting what it’s right or good will come back to bite you in the ass. Don’t believe me? check out Britain !!!
I am not happy to see what that great country is going and will go through in the next two to three years, But I’m glad that it happen right before our American election. Because if any dumb ass out there is thinking of voting for another dumb ass, i think the time has come to check out what it would happen to us if he/she does.
America is not near of GDP or population or culturally of what Britain is, but it sure shows us a guide line of what ignorance represents, its consequences and what can occur if applied in real time into a voting system.
Americans has to take very seriously the situation in Europe and be responsible enough for the next voting opportunity as a whole.
I do not want my children to suffer the consequences that few silly empty-headed people could cost by just voting to make a statement or just a plane simple rebel act. I pray for those brothers and sisters of that far away nation, but more for those who has still a chance and power to make a real difference and a real good deed in the world, Americans.
I will never lose hope on my nation and its people. We are and will be united under God forever. I am forever an optimist and hopeful of the American People, and i know that they will do the right thing at the end, as usual. God Bless.