Agenda on check !

December 18th 2014,

Agenda Review:

Gas prices down in years, Check !
Unemployment rate down, Check !
Unexpected job creation growth, Check !
Wall Street/Stock Market surge/strong, Check !
Environmental protection laws passed, Check !
Russian in trouble, Check !
More restrictions against Russia, Check !
Ended two wars, Check !
Ended a third war as a freebee (Cuba) Check !
Obama care to those in need, Check !

Worst President ever huh? I DON’T THINK SO 🙂

Diciembre 18, 2014.


Pricios bajos de gasolina en anos, Check !
Porciento del Desempleo bajo, Check !
Crecimiento de trabajo inesperado, Check !
Bolsa de Valores en positivo, Check !
Leyes de proteccion ambiental aprovadas, Check !
Rusia en problemas economicos, Check !
Mas restriciones contra Rusia, Check !
Finalizar dos guerras, Check !
Terminar otra tercera guerra inesperada (Cuba), Check !
Obama Care ley en el pais, Check !

Peor Presidente de la historia de este pais no? jaja No creo !


A fresh start !!!

My dear Cuban American friends, I agree with many of your valid points, but why are you so upset with the only country that has had help your fight for so many years and support you with actions like the embargo?

Who else has come to the rescue? who else has done anything to stop the Cuban government? Spain? Brazil? Britain? Why aren’t you angry at any of those countries?

USA helped to support the freedom fight for over 50 years with no positive results. NOTHING changed. Why are you going to accuse Obama and it’s government for ending this never ending political theater? Criticizing him by calling him the worst? If that’s the case, then it’s only fair to call every other president of every other free powerful country of the past 50 years the same (worst).

Listen, I know your heart is harden by anger and hate towards a well deserved hated regime. But what else can USA keep doing for the next 50 years or so? You only see this as a “very bad move” because it’s resent and it’s your country.

But do you realize that you support communist countries all the time like China? Yes, when you buy any of their products like cell phones, toys, tools etc etc, you are supporting a communist regime, but because it is NOT Cuba then it is OK?. It’s all perception.

Again, I strongly dislike the regimen of those low lifes brothers, but how many more souls and generations are you willing to keep submerged from the light (Cuban citizens) because of a grudge.

Two wrongs don’t make one right. Yes it’s unfortunate that those bastardos got away with murder, but I rather let that thought go for the benefit of the new generation of Cubans that deserve a different life.

I speak from the heart in the name of humanity moving forward. Love and peace is always a better choice and path than war and hate. Many have been icons on this thought or idea like MLk, Mandela, John Paul 2, Gandhi, Mother Theresa, Pope Francis, etc.

We need to see life through those set of eyes and we will endure. Fighting evil with evil will just promote more evil. My humble opinion.

Low moral and childish games called POLITICIANS

These are the moments where I get embarrassed by my political party. I have not give my opinion on this issue but I’m sick of it.

Democrats are now using the same lame tactics that the Republicans used when they were loosing in the 2008 and 2012 elections. Crying does not get the job done.

Yes, Democrats lost the House and don’t have the Senate, so big freaking deal. If after all the screw ups that the Republicans did the past four years did not prevent them to win these elections, then it is obvious that Democrats are doing something wrong. Don blame our President low approval numbers, blame yourselves with your lack of touch and caring of your constituents.

Now you want to revive Iraq ? really? and want to punish those whom committed a crime? WHAT CRIME? you are committing the crime by waiting 13 years to bring this up now !!! Why? because you are upset that you have no control anymore? so now you care? now you want to implement rules and regulations?

Democrats, please, do you really think that these childish games makes you stronger as a political party, or better than the Republicans? NOT IN MY EYES you don’t.

I have very personal specific reasons of why I am a Democrat, but being represented by snakes like you, makes me sick.

Please remember that two wrongs DO NOT make one right. so group up, tough it out and take your lost and move on and start focusing on the people and their needs (WHICH IS YOUR JOB) and perhaps then, and only then, you can see some real fruits of your work. But if you continue to lower yourselves to the Republicans level, we as a party will never merge our of this mood and we will always be pings and NOT elephants or donkeys !!! SMH !!!!