Illegal Immigrant American !

“Americans” here is a tip:
Shut the hell up !!!!
How many times we have to talk about this?
How a 6 year old kid is at fault of any irresponsible action by his/her government and/or ours?

1) If you want to stop Central American illegal immigrant CHILDREN to continue to come to our borders, DO NOT block the dam bus in your ridiculous manifestations and DO GO to your Mayor, Governor or even President and make a rally in front of their offices, cars and houses and fight with THEM about the loopholes in our immigration laws and status !! don’t pick on a child.

2) God for bid, America becomes one day a very insecure, dangerous, food limited, water limited country, and our neighbors the Mexicans become paradise. what would you do? what would you do to protect your family and your children? would you try to cross the border illegally if people are telling you that you CANNOT? would you try to beg for help? security? a plate of food? a glass of clean water? security for your family?

3) Please stop saying that Jesus would obey the law, because that its entirely false!!! Jesus was ALL about braking the laws and rules. Ignorants, understand a book when you read one !!!

4) For the love of GOD STOP looking down at people just because they don’t speak the same language as you or look the same way like you !!! Why is it that when you see a Mexican or anything that looks like a Mexican lower than you? why someone who does not speak English not worth of having a vote in this country? Do you think “Illegal immigrant” the moment you speak to a person from England? Ireland? Scotland? Australia? South Africa? no? why? ahhh yes, they speak like you and they look like you !!! fucking idiot !!!

Before you judge anyone in this country about being an immigrant, remember this, look at your background first and then realize that your ancestors came from Germany, England, Italy, Ireland, Scotland, and many more… ohh and did you know that some of your ancestors were treated the same or even worst than Mexicans today? Yes Irish, Italians, Asian and many more were treated as bad as black people, so please don’t waste your breath talking about being an American. Do you know who are truly Americans? Native Indians and you know whom else? ancestors and people living in Texas, Arizona, California and more, where it was part of MEXICO !!! yes if you live in any of those states you are living in original MEXICAN territory so that little Mexican boy that you are making fun of because the way he/she looks have been here way before you!

America was never intended to be a Nazi race or anything similar to that !!! if you read our founding fathers history and if you read our letter of Independence and Constitution you will discover that the main objective of America and those United States was to open the doors to all in need who wanted to progress and grow. This was and should still be a welcoming country to ALL.
The true definition of being American is a large community coming together for one common goal from a mix of citizens with a verity of cultures and religions and backgrounds and professions that can contribute and help to the growth and survival of these United States, ALL united under one GOD!

I came to this country when I was 15 years of age, I’m close to be 37 (more than half of my life) and I know nothing else but everything that I learned from this MY COUNTRY USA. I don’t give two fucks about what my friends or families says about it, but I keep saying how I graduated high school, college, worked, learned, suffered, loved, grew and enjoyed as a person and as a citizen of this country, my country. I vote, I pay my taxes, I serve in the military to protect YOU and YOUR fucking family with my skin and life, so you can turn around and make fun of me or talk about me, because of my accent, background or the way I look ? FUCK YOU !!! get a life and learn how to be an American for real and respect those that are different and have different opinions than you.


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