All Star Game 2014 head line !

Finally in a good note today, at All star baseball game in Minnesota all will witness the last introduction of one of the most charismatic player and personality in the history of the game. You may hate and or dislike the great and greatness of the Yankee team, but Derek Jetter is a great example of professionalism, character and sportsmanship that throughout the years has shown us that people like him still exist.
I will miss Jetter for many personal reasons, but must of all because with him gone an era of my Yankees team will come to an end. I have seen that era go away little by little from player like Paul O’Neil, Buggs, Martinez, Williams, Cone, Andy P, Strawberry, Rivera, and many more, to management and owners. But watching Jetter go its a sweet sour feeling because I am glad that through the years I was able to witness such of dynasty, but sadly this year will come to End.
I’m sure that the future hall of fame member will have a great and productive life from now on, but the mark that he left in the sports industry is hard not to value and admire…
God bless Derek Jetter and thank you again for your long life endearment to make people like me have a fun time at least for a couple of hours a day watching you fly across the grounds with your incredible moves and athleticism all over the ball park !!!!


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