7 Billion

7 billion. 7 billion seems to be the right amount of cash that our government thinks we are worth. Our government accepted a lawsuit settlement from Citi group for the fraud committed back in the times where the group contributed to sell loans impossible to pay back, that lead us to the 2007-2008 market crash. 7 billions is peanuts compare with all trillions made through the years by Citi group and its affiliates. In addition must of the management at the time of such crisis are gone with their great retired plans packages and bonuses and more…ohh and let me add to that NO CRIMINAL CHARGES WERE MADE full impunity!!!
Ironically the government its going to keep 400 million and the rest is going to be distributed to the different branches throughout the government system.
Why did they settle in the first place? where is the full fist of the law ????? EVERYONE knows that they WERE and ARE guilty !!! why not going all the way to make them pay fully the crime committed? why fucking settle for anything ??? I know that if I commit a crime I will feel the full force of the law in my butt-whole, but they are untouchable? ohh yeah i learned about that society in college in my psychosocial class… them bastards !!!
But what about the people who suffered? what about those whom lost their jobs? their homes? their savings? their livelihoods? WTF?? are you F$#@* kidding me? All this drama is bull shit !!!! i know hundreds of people who got affected and dammed due to this Machiavelli, greedy, game played by the rich and powerful. Our government thinks that if they publicize the settlement with that “huge” number of 7 billion we should be satisfied?. Tell that to the regular worker or unemployed or ex-home owner or the few new members of the prestigious homeless programs that our country is so proud of. The Capitalism “free market” is just a bull shit excuse to continue to exploit the less fortunate to empower even more the rich and prestige.
You all make me sick….


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