KKK does NOT = America !!!

Hamas is NOT a race or an ethnicity ! It is a organization or Group !!!!
Hamas does NOT = Palestine and Palestine does NOT = Hamas

It is like saying that the KKK = America or that America = KKK

ridiculous !!!!

Please don’t be so naive in listening on media channels like FOX (republican views ONLY) or videos on line or in FB about this conflict. Please understand the definitions and histories of each, don’t let a freaking “video” tell you one side of the story, you should know better. There are 3 sides of any story their side, your side and the truth.

If you must remember (or if you are in the TV/Radio realm) you know how easy is to manipulate masses with our journalism.

Please remember that our beautiful country does NOT have the best record in telling us the truth about things like:

Women in the work force in the 50’s and 60’s
Vietnam war
Golf war
Iraq and its weapons of mass destruction

And many many many more….

Lets NOT condemn an entire country for a few bad apples, and please do not add more hate to the fire, it doe NOT solve anything. Hate brings more hate, while Love and forgiveness and understanding attacks the same.

Keep the faith, keep praying, keep the optimism !!!


Middle East Chaos !

It is true that these are very tough times, but NOT the worst of the worst like many media are suggesting. Please read your history and understand the difficult times that our humanity lived in the 30’s, 40’s, 60’s, 70’s and even at the begging of the 80’s. There were much more tension in those days than today. Yes we are going through a very unease time around the globe, but nothing that we cannot fix. We still have plenty of time to fix these mishaps so lets FIX THEM.
…And it is also true that the Palestine have been a bit of pain in the butt in the pass with their little ways on attacking the bigger guy, but can you blame them? They have to be sneaky about it, they do NOT have the technology, financial, Army, and international support that Israel has, but still wrong nevertheless. However, this DOES NOT give Israel the right to act like terrorist against a small and weaker country. The fist incident that Israel committed was a big “Oooop”, the second one was a “sorry?” and now they just keep pushing without any explications killing innocents children and civilians. No? OK lets do the math 1600 death from the Palestine side including the Children and civilians (the oooops and sorrys) and only 50 or 60 Israelite SOLDERS !!!!! do you see the difference?
Stop with the excuses of the underground tunnels, destroy those NOT the innocent families!!! Ohh but the Torat says “an eye for an eye” or in Hebrew that reads “ayin tachat ayin” well how about this verse from the first single “enemy” that the Jews law had, talking in the sense of forgiving: “Jesus answered, “I tell you, not seven times, but seventy-seven times. Or how about this very devilish one: Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. AND the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.” But I guess this is too hard core for anyone to accept !!!
Where have I seen this picture before where a government decides that is the best interest for its people is to destroy its “enemy” by preventing a “maybe future attack militarily or financially” by attacking first???? where, where???? hummm !!!
Ohh wait, didn’t the Germans Nazi do this? didn’t the Russians do this? and the Chinese? and the Japanese? and more recently the Iraqis? Why do the Jews have the “right” to do this ???? Please lets help our humanity!!!

All Star Game 2014 head line !

Finally in a good note today, at All star baseball game in Minnesota all will witness the last introduction of one of the most charismatic player and personality in the history of the game. You may hate and or dislike the great and greatness of the Yankee team, but Derek Jetter is a great example of professionalism, character and sportsmanship that throughout the years has shown us that people like him still exist.
I will miss Jetter for many personal reasons, but must of all because with him gone an era of my Yankees team will come to an end. I have seen that era go away little by little from player like Paul O’Neil, Buggs, Martinez, Williams, Cone, Andy P, Strawberry, Rivera, and many more, to management and owners. But watching Jetter go its a sweet sour feeling because I am glad that through the years I was able to witness such of dynasty, but sadly this year will come to End.
I’m sure that the future hall of fame member will have a great and productive life from now on, but the mark that he left in the sports industry is hard not to value and admire…
God bless Derek Jetter and thank you again for your long life endearment to make people like me have a fun time at least for a couple of hours a day watching you fly across the grounds with your incredible moves and athleticism all over the ball park !!!!

Illegal Immigrant American !

“Americans” here is a tip:
Shut the hell up !!!!
How many times we have to talk about this?
How a 6 year old kid is at fault of any irresponsible action by his/her government and/or ours?

1) If you want to stop Central American illegal immigrant CHILDREN to continue to come to our borders, DO NOT block the dam bus in your ridiculous manifestations and DO GO to your Mayor, Governor or even President and make a rally in front of their offices, cars and houses and fight with THEM about the loopholes in our immigration laws and status !! don’t pick on a child.

2) God for bid, America becomes one day a very insecure, dangerous, food limited, water limited country, and our neighbors the Mexicans become paradise. what would you do? what would you do to protect your family and your children? would you try to cross the border illegally if people are telling you that you CANNOT? would you try to beg for help? security? a plate of food? a glass of clean water? security for your family?

3) Please stop saying that Jesus would obey the law, because that its entirely false!!! Jesus was ALL about braking the laws and rules. Ignorants, understand a book when you read one !!!

4) For the love of GOD STOP looking down at people just because they don’t speak the same language as you or look the same way like you !!! Why is it that when you see a Mexican or anything that looks like a Mexican lower than you? why someone who does not speak English not worth of having a vote in this country? Do you think “Illegal immigrant” the moment you speak to a person from England? Ireland? Scotland? Australia? South Africa? no? why? ahhh yes, they speak like you and they look like you !!! fucking idiot !!!

Before you judge anyone in this country about being an immigrant, remember this, look at your background first and then realize that your ancestors came from Germany, England, Italy, Ireland, Scotland, and many more… ohh and did you know that some of your ancestors were treated the same or even worst than Mexicans today? Yes Irish, Italians, Asian and many more were treated as bad as black people, so please don’t waste your breath talking about being an American. Do you know who are truly Americans? Native Indians and you know whom else? ancestors and people living in Texas, Arizona, California and more, where it was part of MEXICO !!! yes if you live in any of those states you are living in original MEXICAN territory so that little Mexican boy that you are making fun of because the way he/she looks have been here way before you!

America was never intended to be a Nazi race or anything similar to that !!! if you read our founding fathers history and if you read our letter of Independence and Constitution you will discover that the main objective of America and those United States was to open the doors to all in need who wanted to progress and grow. This was and should still be a welcoming country to ALL.
The true definition of being American is a large community coming together for one common goal from a mix of citizens with a verity of cultures and religions and backgrounds and professions that can contribute and help to the growth and survival of these United States, ALL united under one GOD!

I came to this country when I was 15 years of age, I’m close to be 37 (more than half of my life) and I know nothing else but everything that I learned from this MY COUNTRY USA. I don’t give two fucks about what my friends or families says about it, but I keep saying how I graduated high school, college, worked, learned, suffered, loved, grew and enjoyed as a person and as a citizen of this country, my country. I vote, I pay my taxes, I serve in the military to protect YOU and YOUR fucking family with my skin and life, so you can turn around and make fun of me or talk about me, because of my accent, background or the way I look ? FUCK YOU !!! get a life and learn how to be an American for real and respect those that are different and have different opinions than you.

No peace in the middle east!

NO Peace in the middle -east !!! that’s for sure !!!
I am pro peace and pro liberty and freedom of everything !! period !!!
Please do not misunderstand my stands and political views, but there are many things very wrong about this other drama across the Atlantic.
I get that there are differences between the both parties politically, geographically and religiously, but come on !!!
The Palestine officials with their bull shit egos and “believes” sacrifices its people, innocent people, to make the world seem that they are the little victims from the horrific Israelite. They are telling its citizens NOT to abandon their homes and take a bullet, or in this case a missile, for the cost or movement.
Meanwhile, Israelis are telling their citizens to take cover via text when a bombing is coming to the city, however the Israelis tell the Palestine when they are to be bombarded with a small bomb giving the soon to be kill a time frame of 3 minutes to get out !!! LOL
Get out where in 3 minutes? and lets say that by miracle the Palestine become mutants and they run faster than a cheetah, where are they gonna go? have you seen the map of Gaza? there are only three ways out:

1) Israel (please)
2) Egypt (no way)
3) and the fucking ocean !!!

How sad to see that our wars and destruction does not come from an alien force from a far away universe entity, instead, comes within us, from us, to us.
Is this what religion teaches? NO !
Is this what Mohammed, Moses and Jesus though us? NO !!
So WTF ?????
I understand that the Jews has gone through an imaginable torched throughout thousands of years, but instead of promoting peace for their suffering, it seems that attacking is now their best defense, so it becomes and circle that never ends! I live in a Jewish community and even my neighbors are horrified by Israel actions !!!
Can we just stop our penis envy and this pissing contest and live in peace for once? Can we, for once, stop using great names of history, revolutionary men who did great things for the world, as an excuse for religious power, financial growth, and conquering feelings that just lead us to more destruction and more death !!!
Please pray with me for the end of this elusiveness and lets cry for a better world, the only one with have !

7 Billion

7 billion. 7 billion seems to be the right amount of cash that our government thinks we are worth. Our government accepted a lawsuit settlement from Citi group for the fraud committed back in the times where the group contributed to sell loans impossible to pay back, that lead us to the 2007-2008 market crash. 7 billions is peanuts compare with all trillions made through the years by Citi group and its affiliates. In addition must of the management at the time of such crisis are gone with their great retired plans packages and bonuses and more…ohh and let me add to that NO CRIMINAL CHARGES WERE MADE full impunity!!!
Ironically the government its going to keep 400 million and the rest is going to be distributed to the different branches throughout the government system.
Why did they settle in the first place? where is the full fist of the law ????? EVERYONE knows that they WERE and ARE guilty !!! why not going all the way to make them pay fully the crime committed? why fucking settle for anything ??? I know that if I commit a crime I will feel the full force of the law in my butt-whole, but they are untouchable? ohh yeah i learned about that society in college in my psychosocial class… them bastards !!!
But what about the people who suffered? what about those whom lost their jobs? their homes? their savings? their livelihoods? WTF?? are you F$#@* kidding me? All this drama is bull shit !!!! i know hundreds of people who got affected and dammed due to this Machiavelli, greedy, game played by the rich and powerful. Our government thinks that if they publicize the settlement with that “huge” number of 7 billion we should be satisfied?. Tell that to the regular worker or unemployed or ex-home owner or the few new members of the prestigious homeless programs that our country is so proud of. The Capitalism “free market” is just a bull shit excuse to continue to exploit the less fortunate to empower even more the rich and prestige.
You all make me sick….