Republican disgrace

I have not give my opinion in a while about our country’s economy and political realm, but it is so absurd to see how the republicans are now trying to damage the ego and image or H. Clinton by bringing the pass back to the present, and say anything about it, talking about a cheating episode of her private and personal life? really?

 Not only is childish, but how inhuman and evil that is?
 What ever happen to the art of Politics? what ever happen to the professionalism of Professionals? the great minds? the great families? Since when this USA political realm became a ghetto ring of she said he said scenario?

Where is the decency and the years of studying the biggest highest superb schools? All that money and prestige out the window ??!!!

Do you really think that bringing an episode so sadness and embarrassment and pain of someones life will actually win you votes and make the other person loose?

Fools, ignorant !!! how dare you !…Man you have no knowledge of psychology at all !!

Do you know that the number one objective of a movie or story or book is to introduce a character ? A character that you will love or hate and follow. And when you are drown to him or her, that character will become some how a victim or some type or circumstances, because the writer is seeking of the approval of the audience?

Do you know Mr. Rand Paul that is exactly what you are doing !!! unless you do !!! LOL

This is why i stop giving my opinion on these types of topics, every year they are becoming more and more like a soup opera and one cannot learn anything new. The only thing I learned in these past 20 years of politics in the USA is how the rich and powerful manipulates the masses for their own advantage and WE fall for it every time, because we don’t have the eduction, resources or the balls to face them.

We vote for them, we put them in power and they just do and say whatever they want. We need to fix us from the inside out, in order to progress.

Our founder fathers clearly said that a house divided wont hold up, so what are we waiting for ?