Obama, leader?

Dear President Obama;
You and everyone else knows how proud and happy I am for having you as our president, but…. WHAT ARE YOU DOING??????
The must important detail and characteristic of a leader is to take responsibility for his or her actions or his or her team’s actions. You should NOT and can NOT toss the hot potato around to someone else so you can not be blame for something that one of your team member does!!!!!!!!!!!.
Mr. President, don’t you understand that however you look at these situations, you are looking terrible in the eyes of the American people?

1)In respect of the IRS fiasco or issues a few years back you said “I didn’t know about it”

2)About Libya miscommunication disaster, you said “I didn’t know about it”

3)Spying on our Allies and friends overseas, you said “I didn’t know”

4)Lock of security and procedures with Obama care, you said “i didn’t know”


Either way one looks at these, it does not makes sense and you look terrible!!!
If you are not aware of your teams operations or someone is in charge of NOT telling you of the ordeals happening right underneath your noise, then your status as a strong trustworthy leader is bogus.
And if you did know all these things and more, then you are lying to us…
Either way, sadly, you are making us shake our heads !!!!
You had the Republicans by the balls (pardon my french) and now in the past two moths you have give them ammo to fire at you point blank.
Republicans have been waiting for years for this moment to get you back (politically) because you have crush them in everything. I mean, after the government shut down you had a free-pass to a complete great legacy, but now?
Can we believe you when you said that:

“no drones are spying on Americas in American soil” ?


“If you like your doctor, you can keep him!” ?

Seriously Mr. President?
You have a large task in our hands. Convince the devoted and faithful American people, who trusted you twice, like me, that you know what you’re doing and to trust you FULLY once more, without us shaking our heads from disappointment.
Political and social (Domestically and Internationally) damage control should be your number one priority from now on….


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