Shutdown 2013

It is very exhausting to see how our politicians keep manipulating our future and those who we love the most. Australia, a few years ago, fired everyone from their parliament for miss-handle the country’s affairs. I wish we could do the same. This mockery that we are facing has been going on since 2008 and it is very embarrassing and disappointing.
Can Republicans just let it go? Obama won 2008 and 2012, he is eliminating the wars that keep getting us in trouble, and won the affirmation of Obama care, so learn to take a hit and move on to the next agenda which should include how to make the American people better and not how to defeat Obama or the next President (Clinton). Don’t they realize that everything they have tried to gain power in the senate, the house and in the hearts of the American people keeps failing?
Going against the flow would never work, being conservative doesn’t mean that you have to be closed minded. Yes, I am a democrat, but I keep firmly my values and morals without imposing them into anyone, including my family.
Having an identity and a voice is crucial for our society, but closing down the government and make “us” the people, pay the consequences for some political game does not deserve the respect or attention of this society.
Please write to your government and representative and ask them to please stop this childish political madness and games that are hurting us not only financially (300M per day) but also morally and mentally.
Thank you.


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