Pharaoh’s ways 2013

5,000 years of culture and traditions cannot be wiped out with a few political foreigner introductions. We have to STOP having the audacity to think that we can and have to change the world in our image. We are FAR away from perfection!!!
Capitalism and democracy does not work in every land. One cannot just eliminate and ignore a country’s history and pass in a blink of an eye, only the people of that country can do that. In this case, Egypt has the right and initiative motivation to have any change in their culture and people that they choose. Remember that the fist movement was created by their own not by external forces and that is the way it should be. We should not put our noses in their business and we should worry more about our internal mishaps that we need to fix in the political, moral, and financial realms. Let Egypt be Egypt and lets worry about our domestic huge problems. Every time we think we have the solution for everything we get stuck with bills or a bad reputation. Examples you ask? Vietnam, Iraq, Iran, France, Cuba, Korea, and how about when years ago Hilary Clinton went to China to tell the woman there how to live their lives and how to become more western, remember that foolish move?
We are the ones who need help, not Egypt. Egypt needs to have a true and real political and social movement that can benefit its own, not aliens from the west who the only thing that wants is power, oil and ahhhh yeah, more power!!!
 Join me in prayer so that the people of Egypt can find their ways and get grounded to eliminate so much pain and sorrow.