Guilty or Innocent?

Guilty or Innocent ?

Trayvon Martin was just another victim of our society’s rules and misconceptions. I feel the pain of every parent that loses a love one specially a child. Therefore, We all want justice to be made for our lost, the problem with that is we never see the events from outside the box or out side our comfort zone and some times our emotions and feelings get in the middle of the truth. I am not insinuating that Zimmerman is innocent, however the prosecution keeps loosing grown in this trial and the defense is making their point across successfully by the minute. I do believe that Zimmerman will do some time in prison but not the sentence that everyone is expecting. Moreover, if by a miracle Zimmerman is released that will bring many issues or scenarios to consider to our society:

1) This will give us a president on perhaps being more cautions when approaching people out of rage, anger or impulse and think about twice before confronting some one, specially in a state that “state your ground” rule is effective.

2) Another can be that now people are going to feel more confidant about owning a weapon because now the law will be in our side (so they think) and sales on weapons will increase, even more.

3) A lot of ignorant people will have a hard time accepting the result jumping to the streets and causing riots that will disturb our peace.

To this last point, We have to be understanding and find balance in our society and criminal system. We can not accept and make fun of or laugh about when OJ Simpson was released from any wrong doing , even though we all knew he was guilty. But you didn’t see large group or groups of “white people” making riots out there or disturbing the calm. When Casey Anthony was set free, you didn’t see any single dads or fathers marching or making riot about the outcome, right? Well, I really hope that this is not going to be an exception.

Again, I don’t think that anyone deserves to die in the way that Martin did, but what if, just what if, Zimmerman is saying the truth?
The media, has tried, from the beginning, to bury Zimmerman as the killer of a sweet young, perfect African American kid. But after watching this trial, from the beginning, and listening to both sides and their evidences, you start to realize how not only Zimmerman was not the ogre presented to us, but also that even today, the prosecution now is changing its strategy out of desperation perhaps. First they were making the case the Trayvon was under and that Zimmerman was on top; Now that they know they lost that argument, the prosecution now are saying that “ohh Travon was on top but was retreating….”

As a professional and a hard core lover and follower of sociology, politics and psychology, I can’t wait to see the reaction of the country once this unfold. I can wait to see who will prevail.

But I have a hunch feeling that Zimmerman will not be sentenced to what the prosecution wants, and not because the evidence, but because the mistakes and flip flopping of the prosecution at this far into the trail. My opinion and prediction, the defended will come out on top.

Lets just hope that the country takes is as “ok” as we did with OJ ( a African American set free), Casey Anthony (a white female set free) and now it will be the turn for Gorge Zimmerman (a Hispanic male with a Jews last name who will be set free) ……Ohh, could that be the problem? interesting, please comment….


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