Egypt, a president ?

Egypt, a president ?

You really think that after thousands of years being a unique and established metropolis, Egypt was just gonna become a democracy? just like that? Come on, look at their history, look at their culture. How can you think that a country so passionate like Egypt can be hold down to an ideology that we accept so comfortably here in the west?
Egypt very well can be an example of what happens when external forces want to change a culture’s system in the on “progress” and of course self interests.

France was the only country that was ruled by its people in that area of the world, but watch out we have a new champion. Egypt is changing the way the games are play and the way it looks, would never be a full democracy. Its people needs to feel secure in their government, religion and freedom and if they don’t have them all together at the same time, Egypt will have these political fluctuations for a long, long, long time. And then perhaps, others will follow like a domino effect.

I support what the majority of any country wants and desires are, as long is for to be fruitful and cultivates social, political and psychological benefits in the short and long run for its people, however, that usually come with a high prize to pay. Usually the younger generations end up paying that bill… Good Luck Egypt.


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