Zimmerman is innocent of murderer not of killing !

Zimmerman is innocent of murderer not of killing.
People, I told you that he would be set free. The law was on his side all along.

As I mentioned, this is NOT about RACE!!! Don’t you understand that if that teenager was Hispanic or White the verdict would a have been the same !!!

This is not about a young black kid dying, this should be about a young kid dying, period (no matter where he was from, or color, or background)

Listen, I know that our pass has marked us as a society by stupidity and ignorance for many years, but the past is the past. We will never be able to move forward as a society or progress if we continue to look back at a horrible occurrence like the tragedy that Black people endured for many generations. However, As a Hispanic male, I can tell you that we suffered even more than what Black people did, did you know that?

Almost ALL of my ancestors were wiped out by the Europeans!! Our women were rapped, we got infested with deceases, we were first slaved before the Africans ever arrived, we were invited, conquered, and pushed from our own land almost putting us in extinction, eliminating most of our cultures, groups, tribes, etc. American Natives also had this mishap.

However, we took a different approach of revenge, whatever it was left from our roots, we grabbed them, valued them, treasured them, and now protected it but in a civilized, intellectual way. Have you seen whom is the largest minority in the USA? NOT the African Americans!

We, Hispanics, don’t hold grudges anymore, because we realized that that would only keep us down and below of our conquerors. We rose up and endured. And now we have a voice in our countries and even here in America. We fought fire with fire.

This is what Black people should do, UNITE, become a voice and stop making divisions and distinctions based on emotions, and/or our country’s past. THIS IS ABOUT SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT, OUR STUPID LAWS AND WEAPONS, get it?

Lawmakers are making fun of us right now watching us how our ignorance has taken the best of us and blinding us from the reality. All this race stuff is just a distraction of the real issues in our country. We have to rebuke some of our nation and state laws that are outdated, unfair, unconstitutional, and unreasonable. Also, Lawmakers don’t want you to realize that the real problem is AGAIN about GUNS and gun-controls issues. Stop fighting about the reasons why Trayvon was an angel and how Zimmerman is a demon and viceversa and understand that the real victims are ALL OF US !!!!
We are incarcerated by the powerful and wealthy in this country and whenever we get hungry they trow us a bone so we can be distracted from the real nutritious that they are enjoying. The richer gets richer and smarter, the poor gets poorer and dumber.

I clearly said that based on the evidence ONLY, Trayvon and Zimmerman got into an interchange (don’t matter who started) but if you are in Florida and have a weapon and you feel threaten, you have the right to stand your ground and shoot. (specially if you are in your own neighborhood and have a tittle of protecting such)

It is a tragedy that a young boy lost his life in vain under the hands of the “LAW”, but by us focusing on the wrong issue, we created more division, more distraction, more pain and we are just making things worse. BTW, have you seem the Stock market today? is expecting to brake records yet again !! and we are only in July.
Do you see any of them (Rich) in the streets fighting for their rights?

Please, people focus on what is really at stake here, our freedom to move forward and our freedom to get better as individuals. Do not let your emotions blind you. Remember that OJ Simpson, after Killing…no, after murdering a white woman, he was set free. In addition, remember that Casey Anthony, after killing her daughter, she was set free, and remember that we have a Black President in the White House, or you already forgotten?

Yes, there is still racism in our country, but it is that way because we allow it. We let our emotions and pass take over us and can get in away and can be mixed with the ignorance and traps presented to the mass, while the creators of this society look behind the scenes continuing to exploit us and fill their pockets with our sweat and efforts.

Many tragedies happens every day to Blacks, Whites, Hispanics, Asians, Indians, etc. But we cannot justified one and complain about the other. We cannot just act on one and turn our backs from the others. Lets be smarter and really unite as a culture so we can control the masses and become powerful. Don’t you see that this is exactly what the powerful want us to do? chaos, distraction, and more, so they (rich) can feel safe.

Be strong, keep the calm and manipulate your future, don’t let others continue to do it for you.

God Bless these United States of America !!!


Guilty or Innocent?

Guilty or Innocent ?

Trayvon Martin was just another victim of our society’s rules and misconceptions. I feel the pain of every parent that loses a love one specially a child. Therefore, We all want justice to be made for our lost, the problem with that is we never see the events from outside the box or out side our comfort zone and some times our emotions and feelings get in the middle of the truth. I am not insinuating that Zimmerman is innocent, however the prosecution keeps loosing grown in this trial and the defense is making their point across successfully by the minute. I do believe that Zimmerman will do some time in prison but not the sentence that everyone is expecting. Moreover, if by a miracle Zimmerman is released that will bring many issues or scenarios to consider to our society:

1) This will give us a president on perhaps being more cautions when approaching people out of rage, anger or impulse and think about twice before confronting some one, specially in a state that “state your ground” rule is effective.

2) Another can be that now people are going to feel more confidant about owning a weapon because now the law will be in our side (so they think) and sales on weapons will increase, even more.

3) A lot of ignorant people will have a hard time accepting the result jumping to the streets and causing riots that will disturb our peace.

To this last point, We have to be understanding and find balance in our society and criminal system. We can not accept and make fun of or laugh about when OJ Simpson was released from any wrong doing , even though we all knew he was guilty. But you didn’t see large group or groups of “white people” making riots out there or disturbing the calm. When Casey Anthony was set free, you didn’t see any single dads or fathers marching or making riot about the outcome, right? Well, I really hope that this is not going to be an exception.

Again, I don’t think that anyone deserves to die in the way that Martin did, but what if, just what if, Zimmerman is saying the truth?
The media, has tried, from the beginning, to bury Zimmerman as the killer of a sweet young, perfect African American kid. But after watching this trial, from the beginning, and listening to both sides and their evidences, you start to realize how not only Zimmerman was not the ogre presented to us, but also that even today, the prosecution now is changing its strategy out of desperation perhaps. First they were making the case the Trayvon was under and that Zimmerman was on top; Now that they know they lost that argument, the prosecution now are saying that “ohh Travon was on top but was retreating….”

As a professional and a hard core lover and follower of sociology, politics and psychology, I can’t wait to see the reaction of the country once this unfold. I can wait to see who will prevail.

But I have a hunch feeling that Zimmerman will not be sentenced to what the prosecution wants, and not because the evidence, but because the mistakes and flip flopping of the prosecution at this far into the trail. My opinion and prediction, the defended will come out on top.

Lets just hope that the country takes is as “ok” as we did with OJ ( a African American set free), Casey Anthony (a white female set free) and now it will be the turn for Gorge Zimmerman (a Hispanic male with a Jews last name who will be set free) ……Ohh, could that be the problem? interesting, please comment….

Egypt, a president ?

Egypt, a president ?

You really think that after thousands of years being a unique and established metropolis, Egypt was just gonna become a democracy? just like that? Come on, look at their history, look at their culture. How can you think that a country so passionate like Egypt can be hold down to an ideology that we accept so comfortably here in the west?
Egypt very well can be an example of what happens when external forces want to change a culture’s system in the on “progress” and of course self interests.

France was the only country that was ruled by its people in that area of the world, but watch out we have a new champion. Egypt is changing the way the games are play and the way it looks, would never be a full democracy. Its people needs to feel secure in their government, religion and freedom and if they don’t have them all together at the same time, Egypt will have these political fluctuations for a long, long, long time. And then perhaps, others will follow like a domino effect.

I support what the majority of any country wants and desires are, as long is for to be fruitful and cultivates social, political and psychological benefits in the short and long run for its people, however, that usually come with a high prize to pay. Usually the younger generations end up paying that bill… Good Luck Egypt.