More Financial drama

150 years or more is how long Canada’s bank system has gone without any crashes or mayor financial problems.

 Here in “the best and more profitable country in the world” USA, has had at least 16 episodes of financial collapses (30’s, 70’s 80’s, 90’s, 00’s to name a few) and we still let these freaking banks do as they wish just because they lead the financial market in Wall Street.

 We all agreed and understand how important Wall Street is for our economy, but how in the hell we keep braking records of highs at the Down Jones, and none of us sees any increasing in payrolls, increased values in our homes, 401K increases, or anything like that? Where are our bonuses, the people’s bonuses? For putting up with the calamities and horrors that the financial system made us go through?

 Continuing with the example of Canada, the regulations that are forced by a pyramid system that reaches their parliament has contribute to the stability of that countries economic market because of government control and oversees of anything that goes in or out of the market (regulations).

 So not only they makes us look like children in the case of health care system but also in the financial market as well. What an embarrassment, why isn’t Obama’s cabinet get on top of these thief?

 God knows I have nothing against prosperity, but all these craziness that the White House is going through from IRS scandals to Licks of the NSA are just enough for me. However, stupidity and simple blindness with a little touch of greed, just irritates me so much.

 What happened to our regulations promised by this government about putting the bank sector “on check” and monitoring every move?

We are in debt, every day, more and more due to our lack of financial understanding and to the stupidity of a few.

 Creating these stupid bubbles and fluctuations does nothing good for the country and only benefits a hand full of mother f’s that just squeeze the rest of us for their gains.

 Between the American Heath care system and the fanatical market sectors our country is going to end up in crumbles and in an embarrassment not only to the rest of the world but to ourselves. Please do as much as you can to help so we or/and our children wont end up paying for someone else’s greed and stupidity.

 I know you don’t like hearing this, but lets look up a little to our neighbor in the north and learn a thing or two about how to live in stability and true prosperity, eeeyh !


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