Satisfied? Why?

Satisfied? Why?

Is this what we seek in life? Satisfaction? Is that it?

How disgusting is to see politicians from both parties and wall street gators celebrate how historically the DOW J is breaking records of high, while the average person still is suffering from our economy hardship. Why should we celebrate that record? are you benefiting directly from it? is your life better off than two weeks ago?

I’m so sick to see how we get manipulated by government, religions, entities and others in almost everything we do or not. Wall street and Government wants us to celebrate their success while we are still struggling just to keep up? Yes, the real state market is getting better, but is that it? is that our reward for all the mistakes that others made us paid?

Are we gonna continue to let others manipulate and control us at all times? even in the smallest things? we don’t see it, but even in the smallest insignificant things with get told what to do. The amount of salt in our processed foods, the amount of money we get pay in our jobs (varies from city to city and state to state), even the way we changed our calenders throughout history from the Julian, to the Orthodox, and only as resent as the 1960′s almost the entire world began to use the Gregorian Calender (first for political reasons, including the names of months & days, and then for religious reasons, like pass over or holly week, Lent) Who makes them experts on anything anyway? why we have to close our eyes and just blindly obey to everything that some one that we think is smarter than us, tell us to do? Look at those poor people in Europe and their financial problems, like now Cypress. People can not use their credit cards, or ATMs, or cash checks, or buy gas, and so on. How is that those poor people’s fault? why do we have to pay the price for some one else’s errors? The answer is, because we accept them, we acknowledge them, we put them there, we make them, we let them, and what’s worse, is not only that we are not educated, but that we don’t want to be. It is easier to let some one else mess up and then point our finger of judgment onto them. NO!!!!.

ALL OF THIS IS OUR FAULT !!! What makes you think that something like Cypress can not happen in the USA? No? Really? did you ever think that the financial sector was going to screw with your money back in the 2007 and 2008 they way it did?

I can not stop emphasizing the importance of education for us and our children. We have to understand how important we are to our governments and how WE the people should have more votes and voice on a daily basis and not just every four or five years. We are created equal with equal opportunities, the problems is that most of our choices change along the way and that is when we start becoming different from one another. If we all stick to an idea, a plan, and organization and at lease one common believe, we as a society can and will be unstoppable. Remember we are the strongest economy in the world, imagine if we were unified. You can say whatever you want about France, but that is the only country that i can think of right now who the government is run by the people and not just politicians. Not that that is the solution, but at lease they (people) count.

Let us get more educated and involve with our future and our families’ for the sake of all of us. Act now!


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