New Venezuela

Ignorance makes historical events look lame and important processes oblivious. It is not a secrete my open opinion on how I stand and how sad it is for me to see my beautiful and rich country be submerged under tyranny and poverty. However, the death of Hugo Chavez should not come in with the joy of those that are living in the USA or anywhere for that matter. Look, Venezuela has been in thing ice for 14 years and poverty, sadness, inflation, hunger, crime rate, currency devaluation and much more have dominated this Nation bringing its people to their knees. Chavez was a very manipulative politician, however, he was very smart and charismatic that kept all political parties on check (in and out of the country) including the Arm Forces. It is obvious that Chavez and his political foes were preparing for this unstoppable destiny, and they all created some type of transition of power agenda, but do you think this is going to work smoothly as they assumed? I am very optimistic for the future of Venezuela, however what concerns me today is how this transition is going to occur. Opposite Political powers are moving their plans forward, the powerful and rich are seeing an opportunity to put their hands on the pot, and the Arm forces are already violating the same constitution that they are to defend and protect by placing a “leader” as the president. Everyone else is waiting for the 30 days to be over to see what kind of transition will play, and many are biting their nails, waiting. Listen, I’m never happy for the death of anyone, I’m happy and optimistic for the future That Venezuela is facing, but I’m very unease of what the immediate future holds for my brothers and sisters. I pray that all will fall into place and Venezuela can be the Nation I remembered back on the late 70′s and early 80′s. Powerful, fruitful, productive, creative, leader. Please joint me in prayer so that our Latin neighbor can rise up and endure this new era and future that is coming ahead. I hope one day I can call Venezuela once again my Home. Thanks.


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