Where is our limit ?

Why people confuse the word “Liberty” with “Stupidity” ?

A child has been prohibit to use the girls bathroom because this child was born a male, however since age 18mths, his parents supported the full attraction and believe of acting and being a female. Now the school is saying that is enough and that he (she) would not use the girls restroom any more. He (she) would be allow to use the nurse’s bathroom, the faculty bathroom, and the males bathroom. But this seems to be not enough to those supporters of this young child, which i think that THEY ARE OUT OF THEIR MINDS?

This is not about a sexual inclination, or a skin color issue, is about simply biology. People are defending this child claiming that we should have compassion, and allow “her” to use the girls bathroom, because “she” is “just a little girl” but, SHE”S NOT A LITTLE GIRL !!!!! let me ask you a question, does “she” has a penis or a vagina? I’m not asking you if she has a personal preference, or a legal document like an ID or Passport, or what her parents think that she is, or who she thinks that she is, or whom likes best. NO, I’m not asking you that, I’m simply asking for a real, simple, biological question. This movement that is in support and asking for this “poor little girl” to be granted her childish wish and believes, to use an specific GENDER PUBLIC PRIVATE restroom is ABSURD!!!!!. The ones who are saying “be compassionate” “stop the discrimination” and so forth, are ignorant, bias, and insulting to the rest of our society. Why? because If we allow some one to use an opposite gender privilege, just because of what they think they are and not for what they really are, then we can not be hypocrites and we have to apply the same rule and law to ALL who falls into that umbrella. The most female oriented gay men should be allow to use the women’s bathroom and the most male oriented lesbians should be allow to use the males bathroom, don’t you agree? it is not the same? really? This whole topic is about a mental or psychological manifestation that we all have the right to believe and/or have, but lets be clear here for a moment, we have the right to believe whatever we want, but at the same time we have to respect those whom are not like us. People keep talking about the “young girl’s’ feelings and rights” but what about the feelings and rights of those REAL young girls who have to use the restroom in front of this “she man”? no one has thought of that? Listen, I believe in equality, liberty, freedom and God, even though I don’t consider myself to be a “religious person” per say, however this is not a religious or even an ethical call, this is just simple PRIVACY !!!! that is all. Stop using our rights of freedom and liberal agenda to destroy what is just obvious to the naked eye. I feel for that child, and I do not have anything against that child or parents for that matter, because everyone chooses to do what he/she feels fitwith their lives, but to impose to the rest of the society is what i find ridiculous. In addition, when would this action stop? 7th, 8th, 12th grade, college? when would be the time to tell that child that it is not cool anymore to be in a bathroom because others deserve their privacy. This is one of those topics that shows clearly how shallow, disconnected, ignorant, this nation and society has become. Please friends, don’t let your emotions determine what is best for all. Stay on the surface of the facts. Voice your belief but respect each other.


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