Gun Culture

I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but this issue on gun control is still on the air and people are not understanding the true issue. Bob Costas, put it beautifully when he appeared on the Daily Show “Newtown happened, and that seemed to change the tone,” Costas said. “Horribly tragic as that was, it did redirect, and if at least people are now somewhat more willing to think about this more rationally and compassionately, then that’s a good thing.” He added that these issues on gun control had nothing to do with our second amendment as a reporter put it “Costas stressed the need not to repeal or alter the second amendment, rather the need to change America’s gun culture.”
“I think any sane person believes we ought not have high capacity magazines and assault rifles and that there ought to be background checks,” Costas said. “You know what? I’m not exactly sure what’s sane, but I know a lot of what I’ve heard in the aftermath is insane.”
People, what he meant to say is that the problem we have in this country is not that we can or cannot have a gun in our homes, or that the government is trying to take over of our rights, but to change our gun culture. Gun culture you ask? well let me put it in perspective as Costas did, we changed our views on peoples religion and skin color but our first amendment was never taken away from us, because we changed our views and culture on that topic. Moreover, Cigarettes are still legal, but our views are different from 30 years ago. understand? we are not going to loose our rights or our guns, instead we need to change our gun culture so massacres like Newton or others will happen less and less in the years to come.


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