Republican ignorance

Statistically, we have seen the numbers go down in the Republican party when the subject of Hispanics comes along. These white Republican men never thought that they would see in this life time a shift on demographics and in political power. But please don’t be naive when you hear that the republicans now are thinking about the Hispanics. They always knew about the importance of Hispanics in this country’s economy and social status, however they did not care too much about them because it never affected the polls before. But in the last four elections we have seen the increasing numbers being more progressive and more beneficial to the democrats when Hispanic votes are counted. Now, that the Republicans are loosing more often and the Hispanics have made a dent to their party, now they want to tackle issues like deportation, immigration laws, amnesty and so forth, because Republicans are loosing ground rapidly. It is embarrassing when the republican party of Abraham Lincoln is no more and the positions have switched where the democrats always (since i remember) have backed the minorities as much as they could, even if it is just politics, but now it is paying off. Well, it is too late. This is a hypocritical move on the behave of the Republicans and I don’t care what they say, because i know they wont mean it. Furthermore, they know that Hillary Clinton will be the next Democratic nominee in 2016 and they are doing what ever they can today to built a stronger base against Clinton, but again, it is too late. The democrats have the upper hand however you look at it. And I’m one of those proud Democrats. Maybe in 2024 the republicans would have a chance…


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