Outrageous !!!!

Are you FU&%@*G kidding me right now? HSBC is “too big to prosecute”? and Former directors from AIG are suing the US Government because of unfair rates for its shareholders at the bail out agreement? What in the hell is wrong with this country? Don’t you guys see how Shallow we have become as a State and society?

HBCS is too big to prosecute? I don’t understand!! where are our principals that we fought so hard for in the 1700’s? where are our standards as a nation? our morals? So what if our economy is weak, so what if many people will loose their jobs, those are not excuses to let criminals do as they please. What about the example that we are sending to the younger generations and other countries? our massage that says money and power buys everything even though we don’t deserve it. What a shameful and disgrace move !!!!

AIG is suing the same people that saved their behinds when they were in need, after their improper investments and operations? another one that was “too big to fail” and now is biting the hand that fed it? Man I’m so sick of the materialism and facades that rules over our nation. I pray that someone will put a final STOP to all these madness. We have so much in our country and acts like these are gonna make us loose everything. Please write to your representatives in congress and lets take action, THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS !!!!

If you DO the crime, you should DO the time, period. If it was I the one stealing or doing monkey business, I guarantee you I will be behind bars in a second. HSBC directors should be persecuted for their improper operations that dealt directly with terrorists and drug lords, period. And I hope that our Government and society learned its lesson about leading money to companies whom don’t deserve it and whom don’t know how to follow financial laws and company standards.


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