Republican War !

You would think that after the final defeat that the republican party had after the re-nomination of our President, they would get their act together. But it seems that such event just made things worst not only because republicans clearly did not appreciated the votes of the people to keep them in power representing the interest of their constituents, but now the war it is not only to the Democrats but to themselves. The Tea party has not kept a secrete of their dislike towards the Speaker of the House. Moreover, The flamboyant Governor Cristie from NJ (R) won many enemies after praising Obama and the way the government handled the Storm Sandy. Not only these enemies emerged from the darkness but also in the open when the Congress and the Speaker delayed the rescue stimulus for the States of NY and NJ, making many families wonder and grow inpatient. After many public speeches from many, complaining about this horrific act by congress, The damaged States only got 9B out of the 60B previously asked, because our Congress believes that 9B should be “more than enough”. Really? We have put in power many shallow representatives that run this country or claim to represent us in a joking manner. It is disgusting to see how our politics have governed these passed 4 years and it does not seem to slow down any time soon. First this ridiculous circus of the fiscal cliff took the nations attention by storm and again many fingers were pointed. Furthermore, now we have the great debt ceiling coming up, an event that WILL effect us directly and fast. We are done lending money, WE HAVE NO MORE TO BARROW FROM, what the heck are we going to do if another drama evolves when the republicans and Democrats cannot come to an agreement about our debt?

Do we (the people) need to do something drastic to catch the attention of those fools (politicians)? what do we need? do we need a new 1M man march? a new social revolution? a civil and organized arms up to kick the politicians out of power? a civil war? a new people’s party? WHAT THE HECK IS IT THAT WE NEED? why people always are looking for solutions for problems? why can we learn to prevent them? I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of this crap of politics. If they want to play politics among each other, FINE. However, when politics affects our social living, social economics, social development, social standards, social involvement, and social economics and financials, then I HAVE A PROBLEM with that. So much education in our political parties, but yet they ALL act very ignorant and shamelessly. Please write to your representative and put your foot down about this craziness. I hate to say this, But our Government is looking for us to act and become a new France!!!! Is that what our politicians want? well tell them and let your voice speak out, hopefully they will listen. Hopefully.


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