Well, here we go again. Another holiday season, another Christmas and another new year are here. We have gone through a lot this year. We witnessed history once more seeing for the first time a Black President be re-elected or/and the first time that a president is re-elected with such of high unemployment rate. We also experienced Two Horrible “Sandys” (A hurricane and a shooting) and Finally, we survived a 3000 year prediction of our end of times. That said, I want to express what all this really means to me, WE ARE ALL ALIVE, CONNECTED AND TOGETHER. Lets unite in more harmony this new coming year and celebrate our liberty and our life as a whole. We have to give thanks to our higher creator for giving us so much and for letting us be us. I pray for those who perished this pass year and celebrate those who strive. On this Christmas, I wanna wish you all prosperity, health, and wisdom to embark in new adventures and ignore the fake that life some times throws at us. Be loving, responsible and fair. Don’t stress for things that you have no control over (like time or other people decisions) and just live abundantly. Then you will feel the true meaning of peace in your heart and not only on Christmas, but in every day of your life. From the bottom of my heart to all my friends and family MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR 2013 !!!!! FELIZ NAVIDAD !!!!


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