Well, here we go again. Another holiday season, another Christmas and another new year are here. We have gone through a lot this year. We witnessed history once more seeing for the first time a Black President be re-elected or/and the first time that a president is re-elected with such of high unemployment rate. We also experienced Two Horrible “Sandys” (A hurricane and a shooting) and Finally, we survived a 3000 year prediction of our end of times. That said, I want to express what all this really means to me, WE ARE ALL ALIVE, CONNECTED AND TOGETHER. Lets unite in more harmony this new coming year and celebrate our liberty and our life as a whole. We have to give thanks to our higher creator for giving us so much and for letting us be us. I pray for those who perished this pass year and celebrate those who strive. On this Christmas, I wanna wish you all prosperity, health, and wisdom to embark in new adventures and ignore the fake that life some times throws at us. Be loving, responsible and fair. Don’t stress for things that you have no control over (like time or other people decisions) and just live abundantly. Then you will feel the true meaning of peace in your heart and not only on Christmas, but in every day of your life. From the bottom of my heart to all my friends and family MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR 2013 !!!!! FELIZ NAVIDAD !!!!


Sorrow In America !

My thoughts are with all of those whom lost some one very special to them today in the massacre in Connecticut.  There may be hundreds of metal, incoherent people out there in the world, But i could never understand the reasoning behind the murder of a child, it does not make any sense. I know this is not a good time for politics, but in these kind of moments (which are happening more and more every day) is when some type of harder regulations on gun control are necessary. Please, don’t give me the lame excuse again about what our rights and constitution says, for once look at those parents and victims and realize and understand that NOT every one can handle a weapon and that more regulations are need it to stop these types of calamities and crimes. We need to grow up and move forward, not backwards. We don’t live in the 1700’s anymore, and believe it or not, there are some laws that some times are and can and will be outdated and I think That our right to bare arms is one of those. Pray for those families, but especially those little angles that had no fault and did not deserved this. My heart goes out to the families. Amen.

Mayan 21

December is finally here and the 21 2012 is around the corner. For years now we have speculated on what the Mayans have “predicted” about “the end of the world”. But we are basing all our predictions on just assumptions. We have almost no record on what that day really means or what will happen, except for a single broken half stone that tells us the beginning of what that day represents and then there is nothing but a broken rock. Thanks our great friends the Conquistadors (Spain & Portugal) that not only help to wipe the Mayans out but also all their knowledge, culture, and even writings, we will never know all the truth behind their thoughts and traditions.The great Europeans burned every writing that the Mayans had because they thought those were writings from the devil himself, look who’s talking. I guess the only thing that we are sure it is that the Europeans have been bias always, thinking that they had the tittle of the beginnings of civilization (whatever that means) and that there is no way than some “little people with furthers” can be more sophisticated and more educated than the Eastern counterparts. But yet the Mayans were already writing, in color, stories on thin layers of wood (paper thin) when the Europeans have not yet known paper. The Mayans are a culture that needs to be acclaimed and put up next to the Greeks and Egyptian in many aspects like technology, agriculture, architectural methods, etc. (Not so much the Romans which had no identity except for politics, because they copy everything from the Greeks, even religion). My point is that i really hope that we are wrong and that the Mayans did not say that the world will end in such date, but perhaps that some type of spiritual and energetic transformation will take place and bring great things to all of us. If the engine of a car passes 9999999999 and beggings with 0000000001 again, does the car disappears, no right? (I’m sure many of you would like that to happen lol) Even though I’m a hard headed realistic man and know that there is no such thing as a civilization that lasts forever (no one has and no one will) I will stay optimistic. I will see you all on the 22nd.