The real connection

Life. What is it? What does it mean? How it connect us?You may think this is just another cliché, but the truth is that clouds all around us distorts  the answers of ALL questions. I loved to be reminded of this fact by watching the film Cloud Atlas. This movie rejuvenated my touch with nature once more. It sends you a powerful message of connectivity and love, true love. No not the physical or visual or tangible love that you are use to see, but the kind that lives throughout the universe towards us, for us. Life is full of connections and moments that for many are just seconds, minutes, and hours, but think about the real meaning of time and its message. There is no pass, no future, but yet they exist on our minds, and space and every decision that we make or made, as we breath, is a resolution that comes connected from the pass and that it will have effects in our or someone’s future. We don’t see it, so we don’t care. However, every happiness and sorrow brings balance to life. Every action has a purpose and therefore an outcome. Every era, society, group or individual goes through mayor life situations that we all must face. For good or for bad, it does not matter, it just needs to be, compose, create, and move on. Our life, our little time on this space is very small and limited. We are just a spec of space in the illusion of time. The movie shows some related facts from the pass that connects to a possible hard to face future, with anecdotes that perhaps are great, flirting for the imagination. But, the point of the film is how the universe is connected with time, with you and me, us, and our job is to make a mark by appreciating it, enjoying it, grasping it, fool with it until you pass the touch to the next you (your replacement, anyone) We worry so much about cars, jobs, money, sports, sex, politics, groups, laws, and much more crap that we forget what our true meaning of living is all about. Do you think I’m too redounded? or that these thoughts are not necessary because we all know this truth? Well, At the end of this 3 hr crusade, as I took time to go to the loo, a young man came out baffled without any clue of what he just saw and asked me “did you understand this movie? did you liked it?” I smiled because I immediately identified the blindness of his reality and told him with a smirk on my face “Yes, I loved it, It connected me” because it connected me back to my source. He looked confused and walked away annoying trying to figure out what that heck i just said. If there are still people out there that are zombies in this world, what are we expecting of our future and our children’s’ future? People always say that one thing is for sure and that is death, but i like to add to that saying, that there are two things for sure one is death and the other one is life. Please take time to go and see this film and re-connect to your source and self. I know i needed it.


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