Political Strategies?

Could it be that everything that happened in Florida was premeditated? Republicans knew that early voting would benefit only the democrats and that is why the President pushed so much on that action “Don’t boo, VOTE !” remember that?. Then in Florida, “shockingly”, the Governor Rick Scott (Republican) supports president Obama for re-election time. Simultaneously, the early voting rules in FL changed. Instead of 14 days for the early voting process, there was only 8 days. In addition, there were fewer locations for those whom wanted to vote. So, could it be that the republicans, whom control the FL government, knew that the sun, the long waiting lines, the high winds, dehydration and more were gonna make minorities (most democrats demographically) turn around back to their homes? or jobs? or maybe achieve disfranchisement? Now days nothing surprises me. This is not the first time that this happens in FL and It wont be the last either. But now the new strategy that Republicans are working on is to tell the American people how they are ready to “negotiate” (whatever that means) with the President and that is his time to lead. This so called Fiscal Cliff is just another way to distract us with political bombshells from the real issues in our lives. Look, we need our business force in place and in power, but not under the cost of those of us who cannot afford it or control it. We don’t need just a leader, we need a social and psychological movement where we ALL AMERICANS can agree in a common denominator for the betterment of our society and our children’s society. We need to understand that our greed is gonna take the best of us, sending us to the real Cliff, and our political and tradition divisions are gonna break this country into pieces. We need to grasp once more that notion of THE UNITED STATES where we are all one and that government will be for the people, by the people. Please friends, lets us see the bigger picture and stop worrying about you, selfishly, and lets start working collectively, helpfully. This is the only way to move forward. It does not matter who is in power, or what political party is in control, we the people have to go back to basics and stand united as one country, under one flag helping our sisters and brothers. That is what the real American dream is !


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