What a disgrace, Is there anything that can come out good from FL? or this is another opportunity for the rest of the country to make fun FL? Again FL is under the scope for the wrong reasons. What a shame that such beautiful place like Florida is one of the worse places to live. The life style that i live here is incredible; the beaches, the weather, the sunshine, the space, the fauna and flora are the things that are keeping me here. But the embarrassment that we face in FL every election year seems inevitable. We knew at 11:18pm Tuesday evening that our president was Mr. Obama and there were still people voting in Miami Dade county (all the way to 1am) Not only that, but we still are waiting for the results which won’t help to elect the president but to study the demographics of the election. You can give me all the excuses that you want, but there is no way that 49 states including California (larger than FL) are all done counting the votes, but the imbeciles from FL are not done yet? I don’t want to sound like a brat but I’m sick of this crap. The lack of a good education system, the lack of work and jobs (professional or hands on), the way that some parts and people in this State really think that is mandatory speak in Spanish (WTF), the way everything is soooo lay back, the way people have to be beautiful and in party mode at all times, with the best bodies on earth (plastic surgery), or the fake social status you have to present, like what you ware, what you drive, or where you live in the city, etc. Those uneducated actions and thoughts by this poisoned society will put you in an automatic social level in Miami (It feels like that stupid notion in those third world counties where the first thing that people want to know about you is your last name, for social acceptance) Don’t take me wrong I love living in Miami and FL, but some times is just TOO MUCH IGNORANCE TO HANDLE.
PS: Thank God that this election was not up to FL to decide. We petty much didn’t matter LOL


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