The real connection

Life. What is it? What does it mean? How it connect us?You may think this is just another clichĂ©, but the truth is that clouds all around us distorts  the answers of ALL questions. I loved to be reminded of this fact by watching the film Cloud Atlas. This movie rejuvenated my touch with nature once more. It sends you a powerful message of connectivity and love, true love. No not the physical or visual or tangible love that you are use to see, but the kind that lives throughout the universe towards us, for us. Life is full of connections and moments that for many are just seconds, minutes, and hours, but think about the real meaning of time and its message. There is no pass, no future, but yet they exist on our minds, and space and every decision that we make or made, as we breath, is a resolution that comes connected from the pass and that it will have effects in our or someone’s future. We don’t see it, so we don’t care. However, every happiness and sorrow brings balance to life. Every action has a purpose and therefore an outcome. Every era, society, group or individual goes through mayor life situations that we all must face. For good or for bad, it does not matter, it just needs to be, compose, create, and move on. Our life, our little time on this space is very small and limited. We are just a spec of space in the illusion of time. The movie shows some related facts from the pass that connects to a possible hard to face future, with anecdotes that perhaps are great, flirting for the imagination. But, the point of the film is how the universe is connected with time, with you and me, us, and our job is to make a mark by appreciating it, enjoying it, grasping it, fool with it until you pass the touch to the next you (your replacement, anyone) We worry so much about cars, jobs, money, sports, sex, politics, groups, laws, and much more crap that we forget what our true meaning of living is all about. Do you think I’m too redounded? or that these thoughts are not necessary because we all know this truth? Well, At the end of this 3 hr crusade, as I took time to go to the loo, a young man came out baffled without any clue of what he just saw and asked me “did you understand this movie? did you liked it?” I smiled because I immediately identified the blindness of his reality and told him with a smirk on my face “Yes, I loved it, It connected me” because it connected me back to my source. He looked confused and walked away annoying trying to figure out what that heck i just said. If there are still people out there that are zombies in this world, what are we expecting of our future and our children’s’ future? People always say that one thing is for sure and that is death, but i like to add to that saying, that there are two things for sure one is death and the other one is life. Please take time to go and see this film and re-connect to your source and self. I know i needed it.


Political Strategies?

Could it be that everything that happened in Florida was premeditated? Republicans knew that early voting would benefit only the democrats and that is why the President pushed so much on that action “Don’t boo, VOTE !” remember that?. Then in Florida, “shockingly”, the Governor Rick Scott (Republican) supports president Obama for re-election time. Simultaneously, the early voting rules in FL changed. Instead of 14 days for the early voting process, there was only 8 days. In addition, there were fewer locations for those whom wanted to vote. So, could it be that the republicans, whom control the FL government, knew that the sun, the long waiting lines, the high winds, dehydration and more were gonna make minorities (most democrats demographically) turn around back to their homes? or jobs? or maybe achieve disfranchisement? Now days nothing surprises me. This is not the first time that this happens in FL and It wont be the last either. But now the new strategy that Republicans are working on is to tell the American people how they are ready to “negotiate” (whatever that means) with the President and that is his time to lead. This so called Fiscal Cliff is just another way to distract us with political bombshells from the real issues in our lives. Look, we need our business force in place and in power, but not under the cost of those of us who cannot afford it or control it. We don’t need just a leader, we need a social and psychological movement where we ALL AMERICANS can agree in a common denominator for the betterment of our society and our children’s society. We need to understand that our greed is gonna take the best of us, sending us to the real Cliff, and our political and tradition divisions are gonna break this country into pieces. We need to grasp once more that notion of THE UNITED STATES where we are all one and that government will be for the people, by the people. Please friends, lets us see the bigger picture and stop worrying about you, selfishly, and lets start working collectively, helpfully. This is the only way to move forward. It does not matter who is in power, or what political party is in control, we the people have to go back to basics and stand united as one country, under one flag helping our sisters and brothers. That is what the real American dream is !


What a disgrace, Is there anything that can come out good from FL? or this is another opportunity for the rest of the country to make fun FL? Again FL is under the scope for the wrong reasons. What a shame that such beautiful place like Florida is one of the worse places to live. The life style that i live here is incredible; the beaches, the weather, the sunshine, the space, the fauna and flora are the things that are keeping me here. But the embarrassment that we face in FL every election year seems inevitable. We knew at 11:18pm Tuesday evening that our president was Mr. Obama and there were still people voting in Miami Dade county (all the way to 1am) Not only that, but we still are waiting for the results which won’t help to elect the president but to study the demographics of the election. You can give me all the excuses that you want, but there is no way that 49 states including California (larger than FL) are all done counting the votes, but the imbeciles from FL are not done yet? I don’t want to sound like a brat but I’m sick of this crap. The lack of a good education system, the lack of work and jobs (professional or hands on), the way that some parts and people in this State really think that is mandatory speak in Spanish (WTF), the way everything is soooo lay back, the way people have to be beautiful and in party mode at all times, with the best bodies on earth (plastic surgery), or the fake social status you have to present, like what you ware, what you drive, or where you live in the city, etc. Those uneducated actions and thoughts by this poisoned society will put you in an automatic social level in Miami (It feels like that stupid notion in those third world counties where the first thing that people want to know about you is your last name, for social acceptance) Don’t take me wrong I love living in Miami and FL, but some times is just TOO MUCH IGNORANCE TO HANDLE.
PS: Thank God that this election was not up to FL to decide. We petty much didn’t matter LOL

Political Change

Republicans are in deep trouble, their platforms are getting smaller, their views outdated, and the only leaders that I can see rising for the Republican future are Jeff Bush, Rubio, Martinez and maybe one or two other on the horizon, but that’s about it. Most Republicans are too busy being stuck in the 1950’s mentally in issues like gay marriage and abortion issues to name a few. Today’s America is not about social issues only, but about demographics and the needs of the people, ALL the people. Without the minority votes that keeps growing every election year making their voice potent like Women, middle class, gays, immigrants  and much more, Republicans won’t be in office for a long time giving and open field to Democrats and other parties to take advantage of that gap and in 2016 and 2020 Hillary Clinton will continue to proof this thesis by winning both elections….and I’m OK with that !