Don’t be Naive !

Don’t be naive ! Romney is promising 12 M jobs in the next four years, OF COURSE ! Just like President Obama inherited an economy in action by the previous president so will Mitt Romney. So less assume the Romney wins, and the next four years our economy will jumps back up, do you really think that it is because Romney is a great president or because President Obama put the peaces together for the recovery of the economy? Listen nation, whom ever wins this election won’t change the path of betterment for this country, I’m sure that ALL candidates have the same love for our nation and they all want to fight to make our economy and nation strong once more. However, the situation gets a little complicated when one tries to change legislations that are passed in the last four years, or sanctions that were so hard to obtain in last last four years due to the lack of bi-Paterson-ship. If we just continue with the course that we ALL wanted four years ago, we can get where we want to be. Obama CAN and WILL get us there. Look, be a little open minded for a moment, do you really think that one man can change the course of not only his nation but the world in only 2 years? (the other two years were spent fighting lockouts and Vitos from congress and Senate and campaigning for a second term) Do you really think that that is enough time to change the second worst economy crisis in the history of this nation? Obama is getting us OUT of the manure that Bush got us into, so let the President finish his job. I don’t want to start all over again, do you?


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