Political Shame

It is surreal to me to think how politicians whom are holding public seats “representing and protecting”(whatever that means) a community, region, province, county, city, state and so on, would have the audacity of speaking out positively about something so disgusting and unfortunate like the act of rape. Many Republicans have made a dangerous public political game about this crime, but what Richard Mourdock just said two nights ago about this subject should be the spark of his political career end. Dick says that God has to do with the rape act. That God intends for that woman to be raped or for that men to be a criminal. Really? Is this what Defiance College, Ball State University and other elite schools teach? Well here is what my poor education taught me: God has nothing to do with our style of living and decisions. God put us in situations that some would say are “out of our control” like our parents, our color of skin, languages, cultures, time of birth, era of birth, place of birth, etc. But we as individuals have the responsibility to be an example to others and to act reasonable and respectful towards our human kind. We choose our decisions, we make choices and therefore in some ways, our future. But also keep in mind that there are people out there who not only have a lack of education but are also hunted by a distortion of ideas or malfunctioning brains and minds. People who are sick and don’t know it, making others experiences difficult. There is nothing fun or Godly about forcing anyone to do anything specially sexually. I feel for those who goes through such of dramatic event and pray that these actions would stop. Some republicans seem to be soooo conservative that they get pushed out of the age of reality. Being conservative shouldn’t mean to be ignorant, rude, disrespectful, or bias. I feel sympathy for that small group of republicans that are embarrass of their own party, but I think it is time to reconsider a new political alternative move for their own sake. I do respect people’s opinions and political views, but NO ONE should be justifying in any way, shape or form a violation of someone’s privacy and intimacy.


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