Two things:

First, How materialistic and shallow this country has become that after such of tragedy in the North East Cost some economists can say that “this is a good thing for our economy” really? So because a few companies and shareholders are gonna make tons of money like Loews and Home Depot, to name a few, from the suffering of others, that’s progress? what about that family that just lost everything? or that small business owner whose inventory just got wipe out? or those memories of those who struggled? or how about those who died? man, mentality like those is what is keeping us from growing faster and moving forward.

Second, I hate to admit that this calamity is helping our president to have an bigger edge on the election process. I really wanted for him to win the old fashion way, but I guess Mother nature knew something that we did not, and wants him to win as well. Cliche….


Voting Support !

I am a proud Democrat and an experienced event coordinator.
Yesterday as the polls opened I was on site (Aventura Government Center) as early as I could, eager to make sure that I was part of history and that my voice was heard.
Many of us did not expect to be such a turn out as it has been since early voting that started yesterday morning at 7AM.
But that is when my observations comes in. There seems to be many factors that no one has either taking in consideration or ignored completely.
First, It took me 4 1/2 hours to make my vote (which I did not mind at all) but what really bugged me was the treatment towards others that I think I should bring to your attention.
As you know living in Florida is also living next to the biggest communities of retirees in the USA.
There were many elderly people in that same line as me of 4 1/2 hours of waiting, standing in the heat, with the high winds that I felt concerned about.
The solution that the center came up with was a primitive, ineffective system where the person behind the elderly will keep a blue ticket to hold the spot of the retiree while he/she will take a seat waiting for the younger person to get to the front and then the retiree will be call with that ticket number. The problem with that is that many of the volunteers did not made it a priority to seek for the elderly, or the pregnant, or the disable and so on, to help them. Must of us (the younger ones) had to approach a volunteer and asked them to help those in need.
Second, there was no need to keep an elderly person standing or waiting on line or in a seat for them to cast their vote, for hours. There are many ways to expedite this service, but take the banks system for example, you have one line for regular customers and then you have a Business line for business accounts holders only. When there is no one standing in that line, the teller will take the next person on the regular line until another business account holder approaches his/her window. That is what we missed, there should have been a line ONLY for Disables, military personnel, pregnant women, people over 65, and much more, and then when there is no one from that category on that line, one can take the next person on the regular line. Believe it or not, this will expedite the process maybe to half of the time spent. Do you have an idea how many people left the single line that we were in? early and during waiting for voting, lots left. Many said that they will come the next day or during the week, but who guarantees that? also, anything could happen in that week like new polls, new jobs report, new gas prices, or any new development that could change people’s mind in the decision on whom to vote for. I think that the whole point of this early voting is to grasp the voters whose mind is balanced but leaning towards one candidate, right?
Third, there was chaos once you come in to get your five ballots. The volunteers or workers were giving numbers twice in a same minute frame. I had number 43, but one lady, three people after me, got also the number 43. There were others that even obtain wrong ballots, with wrong names, information, and so on. The reason why I got to see all these events unfold was because I decided to change my registration from Broward county to Dade. Because for the last four years I have been living in Aventura, but I used to vote and live in Hollywood, so while waiting for the transfer I got to see first hand in those 10 short minutes, inside the voting booths, these circumstances come to pass.
Another critical point to make is that there were NO SOLICITING signs all over this place, so not only you had to stand for hours in the line, under the hot sun, with high wins (no matter your condition or age) but also there was nothing to drink or to eat. If there are going to be signs of not soliciting, there should a have some type of assistance for those who were tired, hungry, and thirsty. This was another reason why many left the line before voting.
These are just the things I got to see, I’m sure there were many more that I did not catch.
Look, I know that no one expected such of turn out, but that is when planning kicks in. Now, I know that you have no control over these, but I’m sure that you can point out these issues to the right people so this kind of things don’t keep happening and we can make a smoother transition in our voting system.
I hope this letter can help any one in the effort of approaches to voters and strategies or even a point to keep in mind, I’m sure it will be.

Don’t be Naive !

Don’t be naive ! Romney is promising 12 M jobs in the next four years, OF COURSE ! Just like President Obama inherited an economy in action by the previous president so will Mitt Romney. So less assume the Romney wins, and the next four years our economy will jumps back up, do you really think that it is because Romney is a great president or because President Obama put the peaces together for the recovery of the economy? Listen nation, whom ever wins this election won’t change the path of betterment for this country, I’m sure that ALL candidates have the same love for our nation and they all want to fight to make our economy and nation strong once more. However, the situation gets a little complicated when one tries to change legislations that are passed in the last four years, or sanctions that were so hard to obtain in last last four years due to the lack of bi-Paterson-ship. If we just continue with the course that we ALL wanted four years ago, we can get where we want to be. Obama CAN and WILL get us there. Look, be a little open minded for a moment, do you really think that one man can change the course of not only his nation but the world in only 2 years? (the other two years were spent fighting lockouts and Vitos from congress and Senate and campaigning for a second term) Do you really think that that is enough time to change the second worst economy crisis in the history of this nation? Obama is getting us OUT of the manure that Bush got us into, so let the President finish his job. I don’t want to start all over again, do you?

Political Shame

It is surreal to me to think how politicians whom are holding public seats “representing and protecting”(whatever that means) a community, region, province, county, city, state and so on, would have the audacity of speaking out positively about something so disgusting and unfortunate like the act of rape. Many Republicans have made a dangerous public political game about this crime, but what Richard Mourdock just said two nights ago about this subject should be the spark of his political career end. Dick says that God has to do with the rape act. That God intends for that woman to be raped or for that men to be a criminal. Really? Is this what Defiance College, Ball State University and other elite schools teach? Well here is what my poor education taught me: God has nothing to do with our style of living and decisions. God put us in situations that some would say are “out of our control” like our parents, our color of skin, languages, cultures, time of birth, era of birth, place of birth, etc. But we as individuals have the responsibility to be an example to others and to act reasonable and respectful towards our human kind. We choose our decisions, we make choices and therefore in some ways, our future. But also keep in mind that there are people out there who not only have a lack of education but are also hunted by a distortion of ideas or malfunctioning brains and minds. People who are sick and don’t know it, making others experiences difficult. There is nothing fun or Godly about forcing anyone to do anything specially sexually. I feel for those who goes through such of dramatic event and pray that these actions would stop. Some republicans seem to be soooo conservative that they get pushed out of the age of reality. Being conservative shouldn’t mean to be ignorant, rude, disrespectful, or bias. I feel sympathy for that small group of republicans that are embarrass of their own party, but I think it is time to reconsider a new political alternative move for their own sake. I do respect people’s opinions and political views, but NO ONE should be justifying in any way, shape or form a violation of someone’s privacy and intimacy.

Not democracy, but necessity !

Really? you are surprised? there are only 100K Venezuelans registered to vote from here the USA, and they compose 70% of those who live outside Venezuela. Moreover, add ignorance, necessity, corruption, lack of organization, division, lack of courage and many more elementary factors that rein that country, you are gonna get the same results all the time. Without education, union, political intervention from international support from all parts of the world including ex-pats and a focal collective ideal, Chaves will die in office. Chavez is not the problem, the people are !!! and change needs to come within not out.