Wrong Focus

I don’t want to be offensive or perceived that way, but i truly believe that is wrong for politicians to misrepresent Hispanics and /or Latinos by concentrating their campaigns on Puerto Ricans and Cubans and talk to them on issues that are irrelevant to them. These two races in particular do NOT represent what the majority of Hispanics’ believe or wants, for a variety of reasons. First of all, Puerto Ricans and Cubans have political safety nets. Puerto Ricans for the most part are born with an American Passport. Cubans, for the most part, the moment that they put foot on USA land they get help from our government for one year, then residency and then citizenship (following the proper process). None of these two great cultures have to go thought the daily suffering that other Hispanics go through. Most Puerto Ricans and Cubans don’t really focus on many issues like those of immigration for example, because they don’t need to. In addition, the last 2010 census clearly states how the Hispanic cultures became the number one minority in the USA surpassing the African Americans. Moreover, continuing with the 2010 census, “The Mexican origin population increased by 54 percent and had the largest numeric change (11.2 million), growing from 20.6 million in 2000 to 31.8 million in 2010.Mexicans accounted for about three-quarters of the 15.2 million increase in the Hispanic population from 2000 to 2010. Puerto Ricans grew by 36 percent, increasing from 3.4 million to 4.6 million. The Cuban population increased by 44 percent, growing from 1.2 million in 2000 to 1.8 million in 2010..” My point? I have to admit that if Mexicans are the majority of the minority, have real political and social problems in the USA land with no safety nets, and have been living in most of their territory for centuries (even before the Mexican war) in places like Utah, Texas, California and more, They are the best representation of “Hispanics and/or Latinos” in American. Even though I’m a firm believer that we should not have divisions or categories or preferences (we ALL are in some ways AMERICANS) and that we all are individually different, I also know that is impossible for a politician to try to address every single ethnicity in this country because they are hundreds of them. In summation, I understand the political power that Cubans have in South Florida and Puerto Ricans have in mid Florida and the north East, but they (for the most part) are naturally bias (not on purpose) but by experience, to many of the issues that other Hispanics like myself like to focus on. Politicians should lean more on what the majority of the minority want and don’t just touch the surface of our social concerns talking to those who have different agendas than the majority of the minority.