Make a stand !!!!

 I love this country and the freedom of speech that it provides. However, when a group of individuals manipulate the media and the thoughts of Americans to convey an idea based on none-facts, it really worries me. I feel intellectually insulted as a citizen when republicans use statements of our president and take them out of context to fulfill a vicious objective. But what I don’t think its acceptable is to insult our Commander and Chief, politics is one thing our respect among each other is another. Professionalism should always be maintain no mater what. These conventions are a joke, filled with perceptions and ways to guide the audiences to think what they want you to think. It is too sad to see that both parties have taken the position in using millions of dollars to lie and alter the truth for their political benefits instead of helping the same people that put them in power. Millions of dollars that can be use to help our economy is wasted every day in nonsense that divide us (people) more and more daily. I do wish that politics were taken a bit more seriously and with more character like the times of our founding fathers where PEOPLE and GROWTH were the main objective not just politics, power, and your buddies that are gonna make a fortune giving you sidekicks. We have to use our right of VOTING to better our future and the future of new coming generations, but not like this. These politicians are taking us to a very nasty road where the only effected are gonna be us the people….


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