Failure is NOT …


Failure is NOT an option??? What a joke, our political parties can’t get alone and they expect us, the people, to believe that they were gonna come out with a solution for our country’s budget? It is sad to realize that our politicians believe that we are that dumb. 


You can say wha…


You can say whatever you want about President Obama, and I can relate in many points of view, but he IS still the best option we have for our country and our future. No other politician can change our situation better than him. Lets support him 100%, put aside our political agendas, and lets unite to become what we always have been, THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

Active Week

What an interesting week. The ups & downs of the market were inevitable from Greece to our economy number results including unemployment. The MJ trail & the GOP attacks kept us on our seats. However, what called my eye & bothered me, was the results of the average from companies who are paying or not corporate taxes & the amounts. So sad. I insist to suggest to the government that the only way to control the results is to impost a set number for ALL companies local & international to avoid loopholes & overturns on who pay taxes & who doesn’t, say 10% across the board. This way u will attract the greedy & encourage the honest to stay longer & satisfied. Please let ur government know how u feel & set a common goal. Let ur voice be heard.

Occupy Unity

Occupy protests across the country should have an organize common goal. for example: Cut corporate taxes to 10% across the board to bring companies back to the States and keep the ones we have, closed all loopholes to local & outside companies to avoid tax exemptions, and protect employees (no more 90 days probation systems, minimum wages and more). Companies has demonstrated that they cannot b trusted w our society’s future, therefore we should go back to the F. Roosevelt years where the employees were protected first & not the companies.

Fake Politics

Tired of the fake politicians, sick of their lack of responsibility, and drained by this divided country that has not seen this politician ambiance since the civil war, and let me not include the greedy corporations. God help us. It seems that no matter who wins the chair of the white house, if still divided, we wont get anything done. We need solidarity and a true United States.